Website Copy Checklist: How to DIY Your Website Copy

July 13, 2023


Ethan Sees

Whether you’re launching a brand new website or giving your current site a revamp, one of the most important components to consider is your website copy. 

Great website copy has the power to completely make or break your website, because it has the biggest and most direct influence on your readers’ decision to take your desired action.

If you want your readers to ‘inquire,’ or ‘sign up,’ or ‘download,’ or ‘book now,’ – you’re going to have to give them a reason to WANT to do that.  

When a potential client or customer lands on your site, you only have a matter of seconds to impress them and make them want to stick around and learn more about you and what you have to offer.

And while the overall aesthetic of your website might be the first thing your new reader notices, it isn’t the element of your site that’ll make them stay.

Nope, that’s your website copy’s job—which is why writing website copy that inspires your readers to take ACTION is so vital to the success of your brand.

What is website copy (and why do you need it)?

In the simplest of terms, copy = words that are strategically written to encourage your readers to take action. Website copy is the copy on your website. Anything that isn’t a part of your blogging or content marketing—all of the words on your site—is your website copy.

And, like we mentioned earlier: it’s one of THE most important elements of your website, because it’s how you make your website work for you.

If you want your readers to ‘inquire,’ or ‘sign up,’ or ‘download,’ or ‘book now,’ – you’re going to have to give them a reason to WANT to do that.  

…which means you’re going to need website copy that conveys the “hey, do this!” message, while also helping your reader get to know you, learn about your services, and determine whether or not you’d be a good fit for them. 

Now that you know what website copy IS, let’s talk about how to write the website copy that WORKS.

Long story short? The words on your website matter A LOT. 

And, hot take: your website copy deserves just as much—if not more!—of your attention than your website’s design.

So, because we’re on a mission to help you create the best possible website with this 10-part blog series, we want to teach you how to write the best possible website copy. 

Keep reading to not only learn about how to write website copy that converts your clients, but also how to make your readers feel like they’re having a conversation with you while they scroll through your site.

Here’s what GREAT website copy can do for you:

✔️ Answers your reader’s questions before they even have to ask them. This saves you tons of time during the inquiry and onboarding processes. 

✔️ Attract more dream clients. No more going back and forth with someone who isn’t aligned with what I like to call “your idea of ideal.” 

✔️ Articulates exactly what you want to say, so you don’t have to explain yourself over and over again. Having a corner of the Internet completely dedicated to showing your ideal clients who you are, why you’re so awesome, and what all the benefits of working with you are? Yes, please. 

✔️ Give you an unreal amount of confidence. Because what could be better than feeling 100% positive that your website accurately depicts just how valuable you are? 

Great website copy can attract the right clients, make you sound pro, and boost your SEO!

Before we move on to the HOW, we need to first chat a little bit about the WHAT. 

Website copywriting can be easy when you have the formula to follow—and we’ll get there in a sec—but there are a few things you need to know about yourself and your brand before you can actually sit down to write your copy:

  1. Who are you, and what do you do?
  2. Who do you serve?
  3. Which problem are you solving OR need are you meeting for them?
  4. Why would someone want to work with or buy from you?
  5. What’s the benefit of choosing you over someone else?
  6. What is the action you want your readers to take when they visit your site?

(Click here for more of a dive into these questions with Showit Design Partners Liberty Type)

Once you have the answers to the above questions, you’ll have all of the info you need to write website copy that tells your readers EXACTLY what they want to hear.

Here’s the plan for teaching you how to write the best website copy ever:

Throughout the next few sections of this post, we’re going to go over the 4 core pages of your website copy: Home, About, Services, and Contact

Each one of these pages has a very important job to do—and the copy you write on each page matters equally, believe it or not. (Justice for the Contact page! Shall we start a petition to ban boring ones forever?)

Walking you through each page. We'll share the purpose of each one. What each page absolutely must include in order for your reader to be able to make a buying decision. Then, how to sprinkle a little personality onto it.

You ready? Here we go. 👇

Website Copy Checklist: How to Write Your Homepage 

Two female creative entrepreneurs collaborating.


The best thing about website copy? It gives you the opportunity to shape the narrative of the first impression you leave on anyone who lands on your site.

Because your homepage is typically a new viewer’s first introduction to your brand, you have the chance to attract or repel. This potential client doesn’t know enough about you yet to determine whether or not they want to pay you or peace out. That’s your homepage’s job. 


  • Introductory headline that explains what they’re about to read (give them context about the site they just landed on; what will they find there?)
  • Introductory statement reinforcing what your headline said
  • Your “Mini About”—aka a very small version of your ‘about me’ that helps your reader get to know you immediately (end this section with a call to action to read your About page)
  • Showcase the main benefit you’re providing
  • Give an overview of your services
  • Add an element of social proof (get the best testimonials ever with these questions from Showit Design Partner Made by Rove)


⭐️ Write like you’re talking to a friend.

Specifically, the friend that you know better than anyone else—that best friend you have a borderline telepathic relationship with. Confidently talk to them like you know them, AND be as comfortable + unapologetically yourself as you would be with that friend. 

 ⭐️ Remember that this person—if all goes well—will likely actually TALK to you one day, and ensure they get the same version of you on this page as they will on a call or a meeting.
When you take out the pressure of the screen in between you, it becomes a lot easier to remember that you’re speaking to another human on the other side, and all they want from you is a reason to keep scrolling. You can do that! That’s easy—be yourself, unapologetically, as if they’re going to accept you no matter what.


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Website Copy Checklist: How to write your About page 


If your reader clicked on your About page, they’re curious about who you are—but, selfishly, only in relation to who THEY are.

And, in this case, that selfishness is a GOOD thing. All readers are selfish, especially when reading website copy because they’re looking for information about something that they’re hoping will benefit them in some way. 

And you want to be the person to provide that benefit, right?

So, on your About page, when they come looking for a reason to like you, something to connect with you over, or a reason to believe that you’re the right person for the job, it’s your responsibility to deliver on that CONNECTION piece. 

You want them to like you 👉 initial connection!

So they can get to know you 👉 the rest of your About page sharing more detail!

Then they come to trust you 👉 the reason they inquire!


  • Grab their attention with literally any other headline than “About Us” or “Meet The Team” or “Our Story” (read why here!)
  • Invite them into your story (start in the middle!) to build the connection
  • Share your value proposition
  • Address the main thing they’re hoping to gain, and share why you understand how much they want that thing
  • Share evidence that supports the fact that you are the right person to provide them with that thing (expertise, personal experience, professional experience, etc)
  • Tell them what makes you different
  • Share social proof 
  • Share personal details (everyone loves a “fun facts” moment!)
  • End with a call to action to learn more about your services OR inquire 


We will give you the Sparknotes version here. BUT! If you wanna dive into an entire blog post ALLLL about how to create a better About page with Showit Design Partner Jessica Gingrich?

⭐️ Say what you actually want to say.

Stop worrying about whether or not people will “get it” or if your copy appeals to everyone; that’s not your goal. Instead, focus on serving the people who actually fall under the ‘dream client’ category for you, and speak directly to them. 

What do they think is funny? Which reference would they understand? What’s something you know they’re feeling right now? Say those things—not the things you feel like you “have” to put on your About page just for the sake of formalities. 

⭐️ Treat your About page like a first date, not like LinkedIn. 

You wouldn’t show up to a first date, sit down at the bar, and start rattling off your resume, so why would you do that on your About page? 

Remember that readers are selfish, but also that they WANT to get to know you. Approach this page like making a new connection and having a conversation about why you think you’d be compatible. 

⭐️ Treat your website like a conversation, not a billboard.

Don’t talk AT them; talk TO them. If your reader was standing in front of you, and asked you to your face why you do what you do, or why you’re qualified, or what makes you love what you do so much… what would you say?

Use words and phrases like “so” and “but” and “ya know?”—things you would actually SAY out loud—combined with punctuation and emphasis for elements of natural conversational pause, and you’ve got yourself a personality in that copy, baby. 


6 things you need to know before writing your About page 

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Website Copy Checklist: How to write your Services page 


Your Services page’s job is to give your readers the necessary information they need in order to make a “buying decision”—aka the info it’ll take for them to want to take the next step & head over to your Contact page to close the deal. 

You don’t want to make your readers wonder if your services are right for them, or what’s included, or if they can afford it—that’ll only make more work for YOU when they have to reach out and ask you.

If your readers have to guess, they’re not gonna buy. It’s that simple. So, when writing your Services page, your objective is to be as clear and informative as possible, while making your services feel like the right solution for the reader.


  • Optimized, keyword-rich headline
  • Introductory statement addressing the reader’s current state (where are they at right now? What are they dealing with? What’s the #1 thing they’re looking to find a solution for? And why do they want that solution?)
  • Give them an overview of the benefits of finding their desired solution
  • Introduce your services
  • Explain what’s included (and how much it costs, if you’re so inclined—here’s why you should mention pricing on your Services page)
  • Explain your process (here are 3 ways to do that!)
  • Sprinkle in elements of social proof (testimonials, reviews, photos, etc)
  • Add a “right for you if” section (help them understand who you’re best qualified to work with & most interested in serving!)
  • End with a STRONG call to action to work with you


⭐️Tell the story.

Studies show that readers are drastically more receptive to information presented to them with a little bit of story attached, as opposed to simply relaying facts. 

Ease your reader into your Services page by considering their story, and showing that you understand their current situation so well—well enough to make them feel seen, and well enough to provide them with the exact solution they’re looking for.

Then, illustrate your services and process in the same way you would on a discovery call. (Your website copy is a conversation, remember?!)

This will allow your reader a window into your personality, and what it would be like to actually work with you.


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Check out my Services page for an example!

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Website Copy Checklist: How to write your Contact page 


BUT don’t only treat this page like JUST business. 

Of course, the MAIN goal of your Contact page is to inspire people to inquire—and you don’t want to take away from that—but approaching this page like you would any other page on your site (aka as something you’re hoping people actually read and enjoy), you’ll gain respect from your reader & automatically position yourself as someone who cares. 

Your submission form will be at the top of your page, below your headline (and your intro statement, if you plan to add one!), so the extra content won’t take away from the page’s goal—in fact, all it will do is HELP you.


  • A strong, clear headline
  • A submission form for your leads to inquire
  • FAQs (things like “do you offer payment plans?” and “how far in advance should I inquire about working with you?” – NOT necessary info that deserves a prominent spot elsewhere on your website, like “which services do you offer?”)
  • A secondary option to continue the relationship (more on this in Part 9 of our Website Health Series!)
  • More content for the reader to explore
    • Featured blog posts
    • Lead magnet download
    • Newsletter opt-in
    • Instagram grid preview 
    • A call-to-action to visit another place on your site (your portfolio? Your online course? Your Resources page? Anything!)
  • Your Mini About


⭐️ Don’t default to the typical “get in touch” or “contact us” or “ready to get started?” headlines. 

Instead, focus on writing something more specific, direct, or personal. This will likely be the last thing your lead reads before reaching out to you (or not)—what does that person need to hear right now? What’s the #1 thing you’d want them to know if you knew they were on the fence about inquiring? Say that.

⭐️  Actually give them content to read.

If you do this, you’ll be lightyears ahead of thousands of business owners who don’t put any effort into their Contact pages, because they don’t realize how important they are for conversion. 

Even by adding simple things like a section of 3-4 featured blog posts, an overview of the services you offer, or a short 2-3 sentence paragraph about you (preferably sharing something relatable / relevant to the reader!), you’d be doing yourself a HUGE favor in the ~connection~ department.


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We’ve got you covered! Along with a little help from our friends…

Write your website copy alongside a pro? Check out Sara of Between the Lines website copywriting template! While you are there, subscribe to her free weekly copywriting newsletter (which her readers have called “the only reason to wake up on Tuesday mornings”). 

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While website copy is what inspires your readers to take action, website design is what catches their eye in the first place.

And, just like website copy, it’s one of the MOST important components of a high-converting website. Head to Part 6 of Showit’s Website Health Series for our best website design tips & tricks for a beautiful, functional, user-focused website!

…which is why, in our next post in Showit’s Website Health Series, we’re telling you all about
how design can make or break your website. Go check it out!

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