What is a domain?

(don't worry, you aren't the only one wondering, hence this helpful video)

Domain basics

A domain is a web address that people type into their web browser to access a website. 

It’s easier to think of domains on the internet like addresses to our homes. An address is a way to identify and direct people to where you live.

The internet is made up of millions of computers connected to one another. The going estimate is somewhere around 75 million. 

Each of those computers house the websites and apps we use all the time. A domain gives directions to your web browser to find the computer where your website is stored.

So, how do you get an address for your Showit site? For that you go to domain registrars. There are plenty of registrars to choose from like GoDaddy.com, Domains.google or Hover.com 

These will typically run you anywhere from $10 - $20. But, that’s only if the domain isn’t all ready taken. 

If someone else had the domain idea before you did you’ll have to pay more to buy it from them. SO, you’ve either got to be creative and come up with an original domain OR have lots of money.

Domains & Showit

Once you’ve got your domain you’re ready to connect it to your Showit site. Your domain doesn’t intuitively know where your website is. So, you’ve got to tell your domain where to point in order to access your Showit website.

This can get a little nerdy, BUT don’t fear. Showit is here to help you. When you’re ready go inside your Showit app and in the top left hand corner is a button that says, “Connect Your Domain.”

Click that and you’ll be walked through all the steps it takes to get your site accessible through your domain. 

From there you're ready to go live or continue editing your Showit site. No matter what, Showit is here to help you through the process and get your URL up and running.

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