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What are the pros and cons of each service?

Showit vs. Wix

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Thinking about building a Wix website, but want to first understand how Showit compares?

It’s good you’re doing your research because your choice is important.

The design of your website has a massive impact on the success of your business. It only takes seconds for someone to form an opinion about your business. And if you’re able to capture their attention, your next hurdle is keeping it. A large percentage of people who stumble upon a single website feature they dislike—from design to navigation—will leave the website. 

Showit makes it easy to build a website that you and your visitors will love. 

How Showit Compares to Wix


Wix is another DIY drag-and-drop website builder that makes it easy to build a website. Like us, they also have plenty of templates to choose from as you get started.

But if you build your website on Wix and ever decide that you want to leave… good luck! Wix is known for making it difficult to export content from its platform. That means if you write hundreds of blog posts that you want to move elsewhere, you’ll likely have to do it one-by-one.

images are an example of a Showit website, not a Wix site

Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder that is perfect for photographers, planners, florists, artists, designers, and… well, pretty much any other type of creative professional. If aesthetics are important to you, you’ll love Showit!

What makes Showit so remarkable is the creative control one has in designing their website. It’s easy to change fonts, colors, layouts, and images. And you don’t have to start from scratch! Choose from hundreds of professionally designed website templates created by Showit Design Partners.

Showit also packs a powerful punch! If you blog, Showit integrates with WordPress. So you get the power and SEO capability of WordPress combined with the design freedom of Showit. It's the best of both worlds!

What is Showit?

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What is Wix? 

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"Showit took the design limitations of other web hosts I had tried and dropped a bomb full of total creative control & near limitless options right in my lap."

Both Showit and Wix provide drag-and-drop editors that give users the ability to edit the desktop version of their website separate from the mobile version of their website.

Showit’s website builder makes it easy to drag images and text exactly where you want them. Nearly any aspect from fonts and colors to images and layouts can be customized, regardless of the template, you decide to use.

Wix’s website builder is easy to use, but it won’t take long to notice that you’re not quite able to get things exactly how you’d like them.

Showit has an extensive collection of beautiful templates created specifically for creative professionals. Templates give you a professionally designed starting point that you can customize to reflect your brand.

Since Showit was built for creative professionals, it’s easy to find a template that perfectly fits your needs. Wix provides more templates, but since it’s positioned as a website builder for anyone, you’ll likely find it more difficult to find a template that fits your needs.

Drag-and-Drop Editor and Templates:

Speaking of customer support… Showit’s support team is super responsive and can be reached via in-app chat or email. Since Showit was built with creative professionals in mind, their support team is well-trained to address issues that creatives face. 

Wix offers phone and email support, but they reserve the best support for their highest-paying customers. Showit provides the same high level of customer support to all of their users.

Something else that sets Showit apart is its Facebook community. The Showit User Group is a great place to ask questions, find inspiration, and collaborate with others. Showit Design Partners are active in the group, so questions are often quickly answered by experts.

Customer Support:

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"I haven’t received the attention and care from any software company like I have with Showit. The community overall rocks."

*Not all platforms provide the necessary tools for exporting content.

Both Showit and Wix host their users’ websites on high-performance servers. Showit, however, offers more help with the initial launch of your website.

For instance, Showit will migrate users’ blogs for them if they are coming from WordPress or Squarespace who provide the necessary tools for migration*.

While it’s not difficult to launch a website with Wix, Showit does provide more support with the technical aspects of launching. Additionally, it’s quick and easy to ask the support team questions using the in-app chat.

Technical Set-up

As we mentioned, Showit and Wix both make it easy to build a beautiful website for your business. But there are a few key reasons why you should consider building your website on Showit rather than Wix...

Showit vs. Wix: How the Features Compare 

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Showit doesn’t have built-in e-commerce tools but allows users to integrate with their favorite e-commerce tool, whether that be WooCommerce or Shopify Lite or something else. The advantage is that users get total creative control over their website while being able to use platforms that specialize in e-commerce.

While some might prefer the convenience of an all-in-one tool, Showit’s approach has been to focus on being really, really good at what it does while enabling users to focus on the best of other tools. 

We have lots of customers who run successful e-commerce and membership sites through WordPress plugins. Many users choose to integrate with Shopify Lite or WooCommerce. Others use alternatives like SamCart, ThriveCart, or Easy Digital Downloads. The options seem endless!

Wix’s native e-commerce tools make it convenient for selling products—both physical and digital—using Wix. Wix’s tools are helpful if you want to get started quickly, but the downside is that you must use their tools. If they don’t quite fit how you want to run your online store, there’s not much you can do about it.

Showit’s WordPress integration, in particular, opens up a wide range of integrations through WordPress’s plugin library. WordPress plugins make it super easy to add features to a website without the need for advanced code or development.

Ecommerce, Selling Products, and Other Integrations

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"I didn't want to believe it, but Google Analytics have proven that SEO with my old site was truly awful, and I'm already ranking for desired keywords with Showit."

And since we’re chatting about blogging, now’s a good time to bring up SEO (search engine optimization). Showit and Wix both have built-in SEO tools that you can use to optimize your website, but...

… because Showit integrates with Wordpress, you'll also have access to WordPress plugins like Yoast and SEOPress. Yoast is widely considered one of the best SEO tools available. 

Search Engine Optimization:

Showit utilizes the WordPress platform for blogging, which is one of the most powerful and widely used blogging platforms. Access to the WordPress plugin directory also makes it super easy to add additional functionality to your website.

If you want to add functionality to your Wix website, you’re either stuck with Wix’s built-in tools or you’ll need to find a third-party tool (that often costs additional money).

And have we mentioned that Wix makes it AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE to leave 😉? 

One major downside of Wix is that you don’t really have control over your content because Wix makes it difficult for users to export their blogs. So if you think you might want to leave Wix in the future, keep in mind that it’ll be difficult to bring your blog content with you. On WordPress, however, you can easily import and export blog content.


Wix has a free plan, but functionality is limited and it includes Wix branding. If you’re a professional, this plan just won’t cut it. 

Beware of the “bonuses” in Wix’s paid plans: They look like great perks but 1) most of them can be found for free (e.g. from website analytics solutions like Google Analytics), and 2) some just make it more difficult to switch (like making it challenging to move your domain with you).

Showit doesn’t have a free plan, but we do have a free 14-day trial. Our paid plans are also pretty comparable to Wix’s, and we offer the same high level of customer support regardless of the plan you choose.

Clear Pricing: 

Don't worry about the switch being a huge headache and hassle. Showit makes exporting your content from another website platform a seamless transition.

5. Launch the website of your dreams!

4. Submit a request to Showit to launch your website.

3. Reach out to the support team for directions on migrating any blog content you have with Wix.

2. Choose a template and customize it.

1. Sign-up for a free 14-day Showit trial.

Showit makes it easier than ever to export your website's content over to their platform. Follow these helpful steps to get your site up and running in no time!

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"The #1 reason I switched to Showit was the mobile design capabilities."

You don’t have to look in your Magic 8-Ball to see that all signs are pointing to Showit.

If you’re a creative professional working in an industry like photography, Showit is the best website platform around. 

What is the Best Website Builder for Creative Professionals?

How to Switch from Wix to Showit

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