If you're like most creative professionals, you feel stuck in your website, doubtful that you're connecting with your ideal client. Showit is an easy to use website builder that gives you true creative freedom to brand your business like nobody's business, all without a single line of code. Creatives pros like you who care about their brand use Showit. 

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Elisa Watson is a writer, podcaster, speaker and co-owner of Showit, a drag-and-drop website builder designed for professional photographers. Elisa is well-versed in personality types and human interaction, and she encourages others to know themselves to lead themselves. Her real-life experience being married to a technology CEO and mothering four growing boys has coupled well with her book smarts, resulting in engaging, well-articulated thoughts sure to resonate with all personality types. 

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Elisa Watson

Todd Watson is the co-founder and CEO of Showit, a drag-and-drop website builder designed for professional photographers and creative business owners. A serial entrepreneur, Todd created two successful businesses before he even set his 18-year-old foot in a computer science class at ASU. With his pioneering spirit, not to mention a supportive and trusting wife, Todd co-founded Showit in 2006 with the intention of helping photographers bridge the gap between tech and creativity. Over a decade later,  4 stunning sons, over 50 employees, and countless Showiteers later, Todd continues to pursue his personal mission of cultivating the creativity that exists in everyone.

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Todd Watson

Showit, Inc., co-founded in 2006 by CEO Todd Watson and located in Gilbert, Arizona, is a technology company focused on providing creatives true freedom and control over their online presence. Showit's easy drag-and-drop website builder allows users to create interactive, responsive websites without a single line of code. 

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