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About Showit, Inc.

Founded in 2006, Showit is a software company based in Gilbert, Arizona.

We develop and support a no-code website building platform designed for creative entrepreneurs and website designers. We love helping our customers and they love recommending us to their friends. Our recommendation score (NPS 75+) ranks in the top 5% of companies and it shows in the way we continue to grow.

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a peek behind the curtains of employee life at showit

Todd’s formative work years were spent at a camp in California, and most of the fun things he does have a very 'campy' vibe about them.
He relishes community, and his life’s purpose is to 'cultivate the creativity that exists in every person'.  This starts at home with his wife and 4 boys, and bleeds into his company, and outwards to the many communities he is a part of, and then the internet at large! You can find out more about Todd in this video: 15 Questions for Todd.

We value wisdom 
through experience.


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Open Positions


senior application developer

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Showit is in search of an experienced AWS engineer to join our growing team. We’re a small SaaS company offering a web-based drag-and-drop website builder. Applicants must have a thorough understanding and significant experience with AWS and other cloud services such as CI/CD pipelines, VPCs, user management, serverless architecture, databases, and scaling web servers. 

What You’ll Be Doing
  • Develop and maintain AWS cloud technologies to support our product
  • Manage user accounts on AWS  
  • Maintain security across infrastructure 
  • Set up and configure infrastructure as needed by development team   
  • Recommend and develop improvements to internal tools to continually increase support team productivity  
  • Configure notifications for all AWS services to quickly and accurately know the current state of Showit infrastructure 
  • Proactively ensure that our services are up to date, secure, and compliant with all required rules and regulations. 
  • Quickly investigate and address issues related to product & service instability and downtime 
  • Advanced troubleshooting to help support team  


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Showit is in search of a full-time Senior Software Application Developer to join our growing product team. We’re a small SaaS company offering a web-based no-code website builder marketed to designers who build websites for their clients.

What You’ll Be Doing
  • Customer-facing application development - React framework on a Node server. Interfacing with several APIs and AWS services.
  • Improving internal tools to help streamline support and administrative productivity.
  • Advanced troubleshooting to help customer support team.
  • Ensure that our systems are up to date, secure, and compliant with all required rules and regulations.
  • Research new technologies and how they can impact our business.
  • Propose possible solutions and research alternatives to accomplish business goals.
  • Learn how our team members work and use that information to develop products and services to meet that need.

senior application developer

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