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How to Build a Website

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So, it’s time for your business to get set up with a website — that’s great, because it practically goes without saying that a website is an integral part of any company’s success in the hyperconnected 21st century. But as important as this big step is, you wouldn’t be the first business owner to feel maybe a little bit daunted about how to build a website.

Don’t worry. Building a website is easier than ever thanks to Showit, the drag-and-drop website builder that provides the most creative freedom of any modern website platform. You don’t have to be a professional designer or coder to get yourself set up with a creative, compelling website that reflects your brand.

Follow these six easy steps and you’ll have a website that makes you proud, reflects your brand, and converts visitors into customers.

Update your website easily

Share your website 

Connect your domain

Start customizing 



Set your website goals

Select a template





design is social by sam by create with danielle

Thrive studio by Jacki Miller

1. Set your website goals.


Get a clear idea of what you want your website to accomplish.

 Do clients need a place to inquire or book services? Do you have products or services that need to be highlighted in stunning galleries? Are you trying to sell products? 

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, Showit can help. Showit is one of the most advanced website builders in the world, and Showit has been used to build ecommerce, photography, interior design, coaching, crossfit, restaurant, and construction websites… and more!

DESIGN IS alba by sophie amelia designs

DESIGN IS ohio by wild boheme studio

There’s no reason to start from scratch! Browse from free and premium Showit website templates created by Showit Design Partners. Showit’s template library has designs for all sorts of businesses from photographers to podcasters and coaches.

Don’t think that using a template means your website is going to look “the same” as the website of other businesses out there —  templates are customizable so you can adjust them to fit your specific brand.

design is onyx by franklin & willow

2. Select a template.

Website builders like Showit make it easy for anyone to customize their website. Drag-and-drop technology will let you move components of your pages around and put them exactly where you want them. 

It’s easy to add custom fonts and choose colors that reflect the personality you want your business to evoke, whether that’s sophisticated, funky, down-to-earth, whimsical, or adventurous. And you can save those choices so they’re reflected throughout your website.

3. Start customizing.

One of the most important things you’ll do in the process of building your website is assigning a domain name to your site. We recommend keeping your domain name simple and specific so that it’s easy to remember (the name of your business is ideal) and avoid using things like numbers or special characters. 

Showit makes it easy to connect your domain. Either have the Showit team connect it for you, or they’ll send you simple, step-by-step directions. 

Speaking of the Showit customer support team: Don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way. Showit’s customer support team is among the best. Just use our in-app chatbox to get in touch and ask your questions. A Showit support pro will be there to help!

Engagement + Wedding Photographer

Michelle Harris

"I am obsessed with Showit!

DESIGN BY northfolk Co.

4. Connect your domain. 

DESIGN BY With Grace and Gold

Let that email list that you built with your Showit website know that you’ve launched a new website! Or easily share your website on social media to let your audience know that you have a fresh new look. Showit makes it easy to create an interactive website that’s easy to share on social media.

5. Share your website

Claremont by The Buffalo Collective

Interior designer


“Moving to Showit has been the single best investment I’ve made in my business, it's changed everything for me!"

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Businesses grow and website-needs change. And that’s totally okay because it’s never been easier to maintain and update a website! 

Need to update images or text? Just jump in the Showit app and make the change. No need to hire a designer or copywriter to make simple updates to your website.

Want to add a page? EASY. Just duplicate an existing page with a similar format and start customizing.

Showit has finally made it easy to launch a stunning, stress-free website that gives users complete creative freedom over their website while being easy to maintain. Get started today with a FREE 14-day free trial to see how truly easy it is to build a website with Showit.

6. Update your website easily

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