How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

December 4, 2018


So you want to start a blog? The task is exciting and can infuse energy into your small business, but it can also be overwhelming and those prone to “analysis paralysis” may find themselves stuck in a sea of decisions that get you nowhere fast. This quick step-by-step guide will help get you ready to know how to start a blog.

Extra time and brain space is hard to come by. So keep it simply by sticking to this 4 step process of setting up a blog. By following this step-by-step guide you'll feel empowered to start your blog and never look back!

1. Decide What to Blog About

You're here so one could guess you already know what you are going to blog about! Congrats, friend! you have this figured out! you are now one step closer to starting your blog!

2. Buy the Domain for your Blog

A domain name is just your business name plus dot com. If you have not settled on a name just yet, it is largely recommended that you choose your own name as your company name. For example, if your name is Sandra Gabriella Brown, you could buy the name,,,, or any other form of your name you can get your hands on. The important thing is grabbing it while it's still there. If you are on the fence between two company names, by them both. Most domain names will be around $15 for a year. With 543,000 new businesses starting each month, you can afford to wait on purchasing your domain name.

Why choose your own name as the company name? By using your name as the company name, it will be easier to determine a brand voice, potential clients will weed themselves out, and hey, if you decide you want to switch business paths, you don't have to start from scratch with a new name, brand, and marketing.

If you don't own a domain name, we recommend you purchase a Domain Registration through Google Domains as they provide private registration and email forwarding for a low price. Click here and then click the button for “Search Domains” on the left.

More details about domain names can be found here.

did-you-know-23. Design Your Blog

This is where the “techy heavy lifting” could get a little overwhelming. Notice we said “could.” You no longer have to search blog themes only to settle on one and find out it doesn't work with the account you have. Oy. After you log into Showit, there are a huge amount themes that are continually updated and ready to use…for FREE!

If you have something specific in mind, you can search over a 100 designs in our Design Market, too! There you will be able to search terms like minimalist, romantic, or whatever term you most identify with. Whether you want to choose a design there for your blog or just get some inspiration flowing, it's a great place to start.

3a. For Those Who Really Want to Dive into Customizing Their Blog Design

This is where your creativity and vision as an artist comes in to play! Naturally, you want to select a design that aligns with your brand and your website. While blogs are a wonderful way to highlight your recent work and to give clients a behind-the-scenes look into your life, they serve a different purpose than your website… which is your first impression and introduction to potential clients.

Think of your website as your front porch. It's a place where people stop in to peak in the windows and maybe sit on the porch awhile to say hi. Your blog is the invitation to come inside for a cup of coffee. Of course, when you invite your new guests in for that cup of coffee you want the house looking nice. That's where the look and feel of your design comes in… it's the framework of the style of your house. Be careful not to get overwhelmed once you've reached this step! Just one design is all you need. With Showit, you choose once and the with every website design, there is a mobile and blog design to match. If you are looking to only have a blog, that works, too! (The full Showit blog scoop here.)

Open your Showit app up ( in Chrome and dive into designing your blog. Pick a design to start playing with and completely customize with just dragging and dropping! You do not need to know code, or even how WordPress works. We take care of all that and hosting. Just get cozy with your new online home. Hang up some pictures, paint your walls, and start designing your blog with your new guests in mind.

(If you already have a blog Showit Support Pros can facilitate the migration of your blog from your current host to Showit hosting. Request that by logging in here: Showit Account Login There you can also request to have a blog added to your current Showit account if you are just starting a blog.)

Learn more about FREE Managed WordPress Hosting for Showit subscribers here.

4. Get Started Writing!

You go! You are already on Step 4 which is the very last step, and the one you have been waiting for! Let's get you writing those blog posts! Once you have designed your customized blog, you are ready to launch your site, and have our team create your WordPress blog for you so you can offically start a blog. If you haven't yet launched, you can learn how to launch your site here.

After your blog is created or migrated by our team and your new site and blog are live, you will be provided a wordpress login URL that will look something like this:

The WordPress dashboard where you will start your blog will something like this.

This is just the back-end of your blog. Think of it as the typewriter, Showit is the printing press, and the final product is a beautiful glossy magazine. Here you will get writing and finally start a blog! If you are new to WordPress and just this image makes your heart start to palpate, have no fear! We have broken it down for you with images and nice words in this help doc.

With your new company name, domain, and a fabulously designed new website, the writing but will be a piece of cake! Just be you. Write like you are talking over coffee with your new friends. It will just be more thought out, and you won't ever stick your foot in your mouth! You got this, friend! And we are always here if you need any help!

P.S. Now that you've got your blog started, lets get organized to help make your blog a success!!

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