How to Have 2 Businesses in 1 Website

July 24, 2018


Cassandra Campbell

Did you know that the number of jobs the average person has in their lifetime has gone up? According to a study by the Labor Dept, the average person no longer has 7 jobs in a lifetime, but 15! 15 jobs in one lifetime! And, did you know that he average millionaire has about 7 revenue streams? So, for you, our creative entrepreneurial friend, who has more than one business, you are well on your way to your lifetime achievement and that retirement house on Lake Tahoe!

And if you want to get there before you are 80, you need to condense your efforts to be most effective. So, when you work on the SEO for one of your businesses, why not have it do double duty?

One way to make running multiple small businesses possible and less stressful, is by having all of your businesses on one website. If you have 2 businesses, or even 3 or more, you can fit them all onto one website for your online presence to explode. Then all the work you do – the search engine optimization, the blog writing, the photo taking, the business card distributing – all can benefit you, and all your companies, on 1 website.2 businesses into 1 website

Let's say you start with 1 Wedding Photography Business

Our friend, Jodie Brim, knew from an early age she had one strong passion -> photography. After finding a wedding photographer for her own wedding, Jodie knew how to turn her passion for her hobby into a business.

“It all started with a purple Fuji Film camera that I carried everywhere. I fell deeply in love with photography when I was a pre-teen. Who knew I'd be living out my passion from when I was barely a teenager?”

multiple small businesses into 1 website

Pivoting 1 Business into 2 Businesses

After 6 years in the wedding photography industry, Jodie felt a nudge to do more. It was a complete 180 from her current small business, but still an offshoot of it. As a photographer in the creative industry in North Carolina, it was actually a very easy pivot into her new business.

Jodie saw a need amongst her fellow small business owners to have strong brand photography. She knew her next business was going to be to encourage her fellow small business owners to stand confidently in the spotlight.

“…give yourself the permission to shine and take your business to the next level.”

What does that translate into? Jodie decided to start a new brand photography business, while maintaining her wedding photography business. Would that mean the last 6 years of refining her personal brand and clientele would evaporate? Or could Jodie find a way to transition her hard work into her new venture? You can see for yourself, as she has two stand alone brands that integrate very well under one online roof. turn 2 businesses into 1 website

Attention to detail can really set the stage for booking your ideal client.

Jodie, her two businesses, and one site, are a prime example.

Her first site for wedding photography, sticks to a light and romantic color palette that flows so thoroughly through her branding, that you will even find it in all of her images. So, it's no surprise she has excelled at doing the same for her new second business for branding photography.

Her airy font and photos whisk you from one portrait to another, while the visitor basks in the timeless and elegant feel of the wedding site. On the other hand, Jodie's branding site is bold and tells a story spotlighting herself to show how easily the reader can incorporate themselves into their own website and brand. Jodi's well-thought-out branding has paid off. “I've been able to book clients just from them seeing my website and without even speaking on the phone like I normally would. It's helped to build trust and confidence within my potential clients and it's a pretty good feeling when we do actually meet and they say you're exactly how I imagined.”

2 businesses in 1 website with web design inspirationWith Jodie's fine-tuned branding, and help from The Coop Marketing and Amber Crudup's design skills, is serving as a perfect online storefront.

Jodie's first site of wedding photography was featured in this year's Spark inspiration book. You can get your dose of inspiration by grabbing a copy of Spark here.

Are YOU proud of your site? You should be!

Submit your amazing Showit site to be considered for next year's edition of Spark. And as always, thanks for making the internet creative again!

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Images of Jodie by her friend and photographer Ariel Perry.

Casandra is a born and bred East Coaster who finds herself braving the heat of the Valley of the Sun with her husband and three cute kids all for the love of Showit.