Launch Your Showit Website Now

April 15, 2021


jihae watson

We are going to show you how to launch your Showit website in a day.

Is this even possible or is this click bait? We are telling you that it IS possible to launch your site in a day! We believe the record is 11 hours. But hit us up in the comments if you have done it more quickly than that!

We know so many people will buy a template and not know what to do next. It all seems so very overwhelming. But it truly doesn't have to be! We want to see your site out in the world. So go get your coffee, some paper and a pen, your computer, and let's do this thing!

Our very own Jeff Willems, Customer Success Lead here at Showit, is going to show you: how to build and launch your Showit site in just one day.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to prep beforehand so the design process is seamless
  • How to customize a template to fit your style
  • How to publish your site so you can reach your audience sooner than later
  • How to amend your site as it grows with you 

This webinar is for you if…

  • You need a new website for your creative business and want to learn how to build and launch one quickly
  • You've been stuck with a template you started with that doesn’t give you the creative freedom to customize it the way you want
  • Or you bought a template and you feel paralyzed with the overwhelming task of customizing it

Watch at Your own Pace!

This webinar is FULLLLLLLLL of great info! It's also a lot. And it feels like Jeff is talking really quickly. But, you can slow down, pause, rewind, rewatch this video as it suits your needs! So don't feel overwhelmed, and just watch it and do the steps you can do first.

Launch Your Website, Today!

You want an amazing, on brand website that works for you. And we want to help you launch your Showit website so it no longer is a speed bump.

Click here for The PDF that is going to change your life! Or will at the very least help you to get your website launched in no time flat!

Join the Showit User Facebook Group to get more support from the community. And don't ever feel bad about asking the Support Pros any questions you have in the building process! Hit the ‘chat' button in the bottom right corner of the builder, or hit the ‘doc' button to look up a help doc.

And if you need more time with Jeff, you can check out this Aaaaamazing resource we created just for you! You can learn Showit in 30 minutes, in more bite-sized pieces!

More Resources to Help You Launch Your website!

And if you enjoyed this webinar, we think you will also love this one about website mistakes! We also have this great post about the only 2 questions you need to answer for your client!

Showit is a drag and drop website platform with a free trial at

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