Social Media Prompts and Notable Dates to Schedule Posts for October 2023

October 4, 2017


Cassandra Campbell

You probably already know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, did you know that back in the day, President Reagan decreed October also to be AIDS Awareness Month? Monthly holidays are essential to bring awareness and funding to special causes. In the last few years, it also generates a lot of publicity on social media. Even for events that are far less serious. For example, did you know that October is American Cheese Month, Learn to Bowl Month, and National Chili Month? They are, obviously, lesser-known celebrations, (and let's be honest, far less important) but can put a little pep in your step when it comes to planning your social media schedule for October.

Having a Social Media Plan helps your Website Traffic

Social Media is your best business self at a party.

Build Engagement by Having Fun

This month, let's have fun with social media. Adding some fun national holidays to your social media schedule will give you the advantage to inform your audience and give them a reason to celebrate, too!

October social media worksheet schedule


Including social media prompts and notable dates to your schedule, allows you to engage more and worry less! You can very easily have a well curated feed when you have taken the time to ensure it's prepared ahead of time. If you stop what you are doing right now, plan your social media calendar, when Boss's Day rolls around on the 16th, you will have no reason not to celebrate! This month get that schedule planned, and have a little fun with your social media schedule! Grab your October Social Media Worksheet and October Social Media Calendar here.
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