John, Our Survival Guru

September 18, 2015


1390634_10152032021742244_380632748_nWe aren't sure if he knows it, but almost every person on our crew has a girl in mind they want to set up with John. True, he is the only single person on staff here at Showit. That's not the reason everyone is so eager for John to meet their single female friend. It's because John is that great. He is an amazingly kind person with a helpful heart. If you are in chat with this Support Pro, you might think, “there is no way this guy can be this nice.” You guys, he is that nice!

11102699_10155613578695107_5558775244050115610_nSome Mondays when we are discussing what we did over the weekend, John will throw out, “Oh, I saw a movie.” When pressed further for more details thinking he is hiding a mystery date in the fold between Friday night and Monday morning, he eventually gives up the greater details of his weekend. Usually they go something like this:

  • Oh I was helping my grandpa fix his boat.
  • Well, my parent's yard needed help, so I went over to redo the landscaping!
  • My nephew had his first birthday party! We had a Daniel Tiger party!

1493250_10153843500175107_1076357164_nAll these responses have taken place various Monday mornings. You might be dubious. You might think he will be joining the clergy sometime this year. Nope. Or maybe a boy scout? Not a boy scout. Mama's boy, who will never leave Phoenix, AZ? Not even close.

When John was 7, his parents answered the call to be missionaries on the other side of the globe. His parents packed very few things to start a life in Africa with two kids, John and his older sister. Elementary school would be spent at a British public school where they would tease him of his mispronunciation of “tomato” (which probably lead to his hatred for the fruit/vegetable). Over the course of a decade, his family was able to call both Rwanda and Kenya home.1914313_159399490613_1465288_n

With African safaris literally in his backyard, John developed a great love for the outdoors and nature, which remains strong even to this day. Although this optimistic adventurer would say he enjoys everything about getting outside, his true passion is fishing. John is a catch that can catch…fish!

10991403_10153145319732244_1637307593857669129_nJust last year John, CEO Todd, and a few other fine gentleman headed up to the Boundary Waters near Canada on an epic fishing trip. When asked what his favorite part of the trip was, John, of course, replied, “Fishing, hands down.” When pressed, he did elaborate. “the whole experience was great, just the fact of going into the unknown, canoeing out 15 miles to camp in a place you have no clue about and needing to fish to eat/survive is an exhilarating experience.”

Christian, his longtime friend and co-worker, joked that “he'd be the guy you want to be lost in the woods with, especially if you are a girl.” (No one misses a chance to point out his single status.)
While Christian is always joking, there is much truth in the statement. John is not only skilled in outdoor survival, but he has the conviction of heart to keep your spirits up if you had to battle the wilderness together.
john (1)

Next time you run into a support issue with your Showit site, don't sweat it for a second! Just reach out to John. When battling the need to get your Showit site just so, he'll support you and get you through those issues with the same uplifting conviction as he would get you through that wilderness adventure!

Q & A with John

  1. To be or not to be? Not to be.
  2. Kittens or puppies? Puppies.
  3. Bunnies or sharks? Bunnies riding sharks.
  4. Bird-watching or whale-watching? Watching whales form a birds eye view.
  5. What's your spirit animal? Hold on while I take my spirit animal quiz. 🙂 (Interviewer twiddles their thumbs) My animal is the Tiger: Characteristics: Willpower, personal strength and courage, aggression or anger, unpredictability
  6. If you weren't working for Showit, what would you be doing? Some kind of video production.
  7. A person you want to have a drink with? Jennifer Lawrence. think she's so intriguing and hilarious.
  8. What country do you wish to visit next? New Zealand
    If you had a real life super power what would it be? I‘ll go with Healing Factor.