Jason the Builder

October 16, 2015


john (2)A good foundation is a key element in building anything. Showit CEO, Todd Watson ensured this company had people like Jason, one of the first Showit employees, to build upon. Celebrating his 8th year here, Jason Lackey has helped build key components of customer care. We are proud to say our Support Team gets some of the highest customer reviews. That reputation of great support and service started with Jason way back in 2007.

1611006_10153119063484888_2935075493324858500_nThe Showit philosphy of people first is one that Jason takes to heart in all he does in his professional and personal life. Recently, Jason and his wife, Kara, set out to help young married couples build firm foundations in their homes. They launched their own YouTube channel, Beard and Basil. In following their own advice, the couple, parents of three young children and a yard full of chickens, invited us to drop our kids off at their house for a few hours. One by one, each member of the Showit crew took Jason and Kara up on their offer for free babysitting. Why would a couple with a full house ask for more on their plate? They simply wanted to help each couple in Showit work on their own foundation for their family, their marriage. Service is at the heart of all Jason does in all aspects of his life.

jason (1)On the rare occasion Jason can carve out time for himself, he escapes to his man cave…AKA his garage. There he has built himself an impressive workshop. Even in the Arizona summer heat (he cheated by installing an A/C unit), you'll find this bearded beauty hard at work on his latest woodworking project. He is always busy with various projects for his wife, kids, and even for Showit United! To further prove his devotion to others, his favorite DIY had nothing to do with beer, or sports, or anything that would earn him manly bragging rights. When asked about his favorite project, his response was quick and simple. “I made these awesome light boxes for the girls (his daughters) for Christmas a few years ago.” See? Even Jason's hobby is used to serve and build foundations upon which his children grow.

10629822_864149333619010_8475649261738124942_nOver the 8 years of working with Jason, we have come to realize all aspects of his life are forged to serve others and to build foundations of friendship and trust. We are grateful that Jason chooses to spend his time serving others among the Showit Crew and community of Showiteers.

Q & A with Jason

  1. To be or not to be? Tube
  2. Kittens or puppies? Puppies
  3. Bunnies or sharks? Shunnies
  4. Bird-watching or whale-watching? Whalez
  5. What's your spirit animal? Koala
  6. A person you want to have a drink with and what do you order? CS Lewis, I would order scotch on the rocks.
  7. What's your favorite board game? Monopoly
  8. Best way to decompress? Netflix and snacks
  9. What's your real life superpower? The ability to get a bloody nose at the worst possible time
  10. Favorite power tool? Miter saw!