The Gathering Place

September 29, 2016


Cassie Jones

The word gathering has many definitions but my favorite is, “to wrap or draw around, or close”. Here in the South, we gather many things. The toys in the evening before bed. The tomatoes off the vines in the garden. The people we love. We gather together a lot. We believe so much in the gathering of people that we have family over for dinner almost every night. Our table is hardly ever without the extender and always has mis-matched chairs lining the corners. It's our place. The place where we draw close the ones we love. We share stories, share food and share lots and lots of joy. We make memories there and listen to the wisdom of those who have it to offer. When we gather, we grow. Together.

Thursdays here on the Showiteer blog are being dedicated to just that. The place where we can gather, share and grow together through our love of photography. The Gathering Place.

My name is Cassie Jones. I'm a wife, mother and wedding photographer living a quiet life on a farm in rural Arkansas with my family. I started shooting weddings full time in 2013. I'm a huge coffee addict, especially if it comes in the form of an Iced white mocha. I love peanut-butter M&M's and carry a jar of Nutella in my purse (seriously). I wear sparkly Kate Spade Keds to all my weddings and believe that singing in the kitchen should happen every day.

I also firmly believe that we, as Showiteers have a unique bond. What began, rooted in the adoration of a product, grew to real lasting friendships. This place, The Gathering Place is our place to come together and learn together. We'll be sharing about all things photography, and life, and growing each other here. So grab a cup of coffee (or if you're like me, a candy bar in a cup) and join us on Thursdays.


Cassie Jones is a wedding photographer located in Romance, Arkansas. She loves peanut butter M&M's, vanilla lattes, rapping in the car, her two children and her husband.