Reaching For What You Can’t See

March 25, 2021


jihae watson

With Website Designer Octavia Elease

Free to Be Me – A Showit Creator Series

What if we told you that you could reach a destination farther than you could see? Would you believe us? And how could websites possibly play a role in this story?

We have role models and personal heroes because of the example they set, and that example becomes both a model that we can see and footsteps we can hopefully follow. People reach for what they see.

But what about reaching for something more, something your eyes can’t see— at least not yet! What if reaching beyond what you can see means breaking through a generational cycle, and being the first person in your family to make it to college. But we're not done friends. Imagine being a chain break, a college graduate, and going on to pursue even more!

Reaching for what you can’t see means that you become the pioneer that gets to set a new trajectory for yourself and the generation behind you. So now you become that role model or that personal hero whose footsteps someone else now hopes to follow.

Introducing Octavia. Our hero.

This is the story Octavia Elease Bowman is writing at this very moment. Not only being a present, single mother of three boys — which calls for celebration in itself. But she’s also a creative entrepreneur, operating a branding photography business in Atlanta, designing websites on Showit, and creating Showit website templates. 

Octavia is so much more than just a successful website designer And we want to share that story with you in this 4th installment of the Free to be me A Showit Creators Series

What Octavia has overcome to reach this point in her life is amazing. What she teaches all of us is, yes, you can have more; you can do more; and you don’t have to be limited to reaching only for the things you can see. 

Friends, reach for what you can’t see. You can thank Octavia for that little life lesson.

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We hope that you feel motivated to forge forward and dream up big dreams for yourself and your creative business!

And if you are wanting to up your own game and get your online home refreshed and ready for clients you can try Showit for free for 14 days!

Thank you, Octavia!

We are so thankful for Octavia and the pioneer that she is in her community, and in the website world! If you would like to connect with her, you can find her at her amazing website or on Instagram!

Website designer in Atlanta in front of mural

Hi! I'm Jihae Watson! I was born in Seoul, grew up in Toronto, Ontario and now live in Gilbert, Arizona. I love all three cities so very much as I have plenty of family, and favorite restaurants in all three locations.

I am married to a stud named Chris, and we have four fantastic kids. Together we love being a foster family, and we presently have the sweetest little foster babe.