How to Focus to Maximize Creative Output with Joi Spencer

February 10, 2021


jihae watson

Creatives are often passionate about multiple things, but mastering focus is pivotal for multi-passionate creatives! It will help you to increase your creative output, help you craft an impactful brand, and build mastery in the variety of things you love.

So many creatives struggle in this area, and this is why we invited our good friend Joi, of Joi Knows How, to give you tips and tools to master focus and peak your creativity!

Joi Spencer shares how to be a successful multipassionate creative
You are a multi passionate creative and thats a great thing But how can you maximize your creative powers to maximize your bottom line We are sharing some top tips to focus

Multi-Passionate Creatives

Joi is a multi-passionate educator, community builder and content creator. She truly believes that having many passions is a gift, not a burden. She’s on a mission to rewrite the narrative that “choosing one thing” is the only path to success. Through her content, live workshops, and online community, Joi teaches creatives how to make focus your friend, craft impactful personal brands, and step into their Multi-Passionate Mastery.

Mindset is SO important, and Joi went over some common myths that hold multi-passionate creatives back. For example, you may have heard the lie that you will never be a success because you aren't an expert at one thing. Well guess what – you are an expert at having several areas of talent and gifting! So embrace it and go forth and prosper!

In this webinar, we learned:

  • Common reasons why you may struggle with focus as a creative
  • 4 types of focus every creative need to master
  • The differences between Intensive, Active, Passive, and Non-Focus times & how to master each of them to focus, guilt-free, as a multi-passionate creative

4 Different Focuses

  1. Intensive Focus: This is for when you are doing big picture thinking and long term planning.

2. Active Focus: Getting it done time! Time to do the work, create content, taking calls, be very active about moving the ball forward in your business.

3. Passive Focus: Time to grow in a relaxed, and guilt-free zone. Listen to podcasts. Join a Clubhouse chat. Create a mood board.

4. No Focus Time: This is a reward! This time will help you to avoid burnout. Do what you enjoy without any guilt and any thoughts of working. Binge watch Netflix. Go on a walk. Take a bubble bath. Treat yourself! This isn't a time to break the bank. You can reward yourself in simple yet meaningful ways!

Watch the Replay!

Whether you watch the webinar live, or you missed it – you can rewatch it here!

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