How to Market Yourself Offline

May 12, 2023


jihae watson

We are excited to be able to share this fantastic resource with you to help you market yourself offline. We know that we are all working so hard to market ourselves and our small businesses online – on Pinterest, Instagram, and now on TikTok too! It's a lot! But it doesn't have to feel overwhelming. And our sweet friend, Quianna Marie is here to walk us through all of this! Quianna is a successful wedding photographer and creative entrepreneur. She is also a major cheerleader of her fellow creative entrepreneurs, which is why she put this great presentation together for you!

Friends meeting in real life to connect.

Learn how to market yourself offline:

  • How a good ole fashioned handwritten letter will blow a potential client away
  • The pros/cons of promotion and how most of us are doing it wrong
  • Feel confident to easily talk about your business in person without feeling salesy
  • How to reach people out in real life outside of your friends and family

Learn More!

To learn more about Quianna, check out this awesome feature we did on her and how she started her business. You can also connect with her on her awesome Showit website or on Instagram!

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