Upgrade Your Website Quickly with These New Features in Showit

August 31, 2022


Cassandra Campbell

Snap, Gridlines, Lock, Shadows, Rounded Corners…oh my!

When requests come in for new features from Showit Users (lovingly referred to in these parts as Showiteers) we listen! The last few upgrades to the Showit app have been things in the works that we have been giddy to release! The Showit Developers have been clacking away in Code Land to get these fabulous releases into your hands! Later, we will throw them a pizza party. Right now, you have to see these new upgrades to get your website hip, happening, and totally pro! Get ready to let those creative ideas flow! It's time to save time, up your website game, and allow those beautiful website dreams come to fruition!

New Effects to Add Depth and Dynamic Design to Your Website

First up! The list of new effects in the EFFECTS settings panel allows you to adjust Opacity, Drop Shadows and Corners on objects like an image, gallery, or shape. You will find all these on the right-hand side of your screen. Select an image, click on the EFFECTS dropdown menu, and start playing!

Effects In Nutshell


Any object can have it's opacity adjusted separately between Desktop and Mobile layouts.

Drop Shadows

Most objects support an Outer Shadow. Some objects like Images and Shapes also support an Inner Shadow. For more details see on our help doc on Shadows.


Rounding corners can add a fun dynamic to a design, especially if you try adjusting each corner separately. We have some great presets to help get you started.

  • Straight – The default setting for straight corners.
  • Round – Adjustable by a pixel value with options for adjusting each corners separately. We offer some presets.
  • Ellipse – Apply a full rounding on the object. Square shapes will have a perfect circle appearance.

BONUS! You can make the Changes for a Whole Gallery!

Rounding applied to images within a Tiled Gallery under the Gallery Settings:

Oh Snap! Now work even Faster and More Efficiently

With this new update, you can work smarter not harder! As a creative, you love to play. As a business owner, you need to get your ducks in a row in the most effective way possible! We always want to help with your creative side AND your business side! This update has Gridlines, Guides, Snapping, and Improved Multi-Select Transform just for you!

Ducks in a Row Updates in a Nutshell

  • Gridlines can now be turned on to help you lay out elements intentionally.
  • Smart guides can now be enabled to easily see alignment related the canvas and other elements.
  • Snapping can now now be enabled to quickly align elements to gridlines, canvas dimensions, and in relation to other elements.
  • When multiple elements are selected at the same time, the selection can now be scaled and rotated from any corner.
  • Mobile device overlay has been redesigned to reflect modern devices
Gridlines and Snapping Feature Demo Video

Lock it up! Lock it in!

If you have mastered an aspect of your site and you definitely do NOT want to mess it up, LOCK IT UP! Whether it's a whole canvas, or just a layer, hit that lock element let your worries subside! It will save you time having to go back and rearrange things you didn't want to move in the first place.

Lock layers/elements in the canvas layers list

Speaking of time, more keyboard shortcuts are here! Maybe you aren't into that kinda a techy thing. But we know some you Showiteers are because the requests came in! The new Keyboard Shortcuts are here, friends!

Here are the currently available keyboard shortcuts that are unique to Showit:

Adjust the object size from the center[hold] Option(alt)
Scale object proportionally from center[hold] Shift – Option(alt)
Duplicate object by dragClick and drag object while holding Option(alt)
Copy/Paste Style between objects or between mobile/desktop via Special Paste-Copy Styles: Select first object and Copy with Command(Ctrl)-C
-Paste Styles: Select second object or switch to mobile/desktop and Special Paste with Shift-Command(Ctrl)-V

You thought that was all? Strike that idea!

You guessed it! The Strikethrough is here! This Strikethrough format option can be found in your text editor menu. The question is what will you delete erase STRIKETHROUGH?

Hopefully, you are already in the app and putting these new tools to work! We'd love to see how they are used! Tag us on Instagram with your latest updates! And if it sparks new ideas you would like to see, let's hear them! See if we have them already or share your idea over at Showit.co/help

Oh! And if your friend needs these new updates on their boring non-Showit site, tell em you can have a go for FREE at app.Showit.co

Happy Creating, Showiteers!

Casandra is a born and bred East Coaster who finds herself braving the heat of the Valley of the Sun with her husband and three cute kids all for the love of Showit.