Free Website Templates for Bakers, Cake Makers, and even Dessert Partakers

December 19, 2022


Cassandra Campbell

Did you know your website can look just as delicious as your edible creations? With these beautiful free website templates for bakers (or anyone in the industry!) your online home can look good and it can be a painless process. With one of these designs you can have your site launched quick and get back in creating in the kitchen! Whether you create cakes, confections, or chocolates, these free website templates for bakers and makers will have you launching your client-ready site in no time! Finally, a great online store that allows you to focus on the thing you love without compromising your aesthetics! Now you will be the stand-out in the baking industry for even more than just your delectable desserts!

Start with this Free Website Templates for Bakers

If you don't have any idea what you want in a website (or even if you do), the best place to start is a template that has images you can easily swap out without much thought. Enter this FREE designer site by Gillian Sarah, The Ryann. This free website template could be for bakers, confectioners, or even foodies and food photographers! Ryann is a modern and minimal site that you can drop your images and copy in faster than it takes to make a delectable cake! You don't have to start these for website from scratch! With the Ryann design, it's better than improving on a box cake! Taste Take is for a spin yourself! (Scroll the live demo here.)

desktop, tablet, and mobile view of The Ryann  Showit template
A Free Website Template for Bakers, Cake Makers, Chocolatiers, and all Confectioners

And really, no one should be satisfied with just box cakes or packaged desserts! Bring in even more new clients by sharing your excellent recipes with the internet! This amazing baker-friendly free website template comes with a beautiful WordPress blog, too. You can pop all your expertise and baking industry knowledge into a customizable blog design to show the world and bonus, it will totally boost your SEO!

Don't have brand colors you have settled on just yet? Not to worry! The Ryann free website design has a classic feel that requires no overthinking a color palette. It’s simple black and white approach allows your images to be queen of this corner of the web! This way, your work will stand out, get noticed, and get you back to baking in no time!

But wait, there are more Free Website Templates for your Cake Makers!

If classic design is not where you feel you shine, Showit has several more fabulous free designs waiting for you. From light and airy to dark and moody, you have a wide variety of dynamic designs to get you started! You can browse them all for yourself. Here's a run down of a few diverse designs to get your creativity cooking!

  1. Are your confections a little bit cute and a little bit clever? The free website template by Showit Design Partner, Amanda of Carryloves Design is the perfect launching pad for your new online home!
    Regina by Carrylove Designs
  2. Perhaps you consider your creations to be whimsical with a touch of color? May we introduce the free website template, Daydream, by Showit Design Partner Jackie Miller. Something light and organic with a touch of gayety. Daydream is a go-to design for any baker, confectioner, or chocolatier wanting to keep things light!
    <a href=httpsstoreshowitcodesignsdaydream target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Daydream by Jackie Miller<a>
  3. Do you take a more modern approach to making your creations? The best free template for you would be Showit's Monstera design. Bold and clear, the Monstera provides a wonderful base to share your kitchen, your creations, and your personality with your soon-to-be clients!
    Monstera, a Free Showit Website Design

What should a great Creative Baker's Website Look Like?

Maybe you want to know what a site should not look like? That might be easier. There is really only one thing. Your site should not look like someone else's sight. It should look like yours! Maybe this is a “duh” moment for you. But if every cake baker had a free website template that looked like everyone else's, one client would look no different than another client. And we know your dream client is amazing and original!

Outside of having your own branding (fonts, colors, images, and copy), you will want to put them together in lovely online storefront to greet new client's. The do's and don'ts of web design can be totally skipped when you use a free website template. There are a bunch to choose from in app right now. (And no, no credit card info or payment needed! Just hop in!) You can check them all out and get your website up and running at right now!

Want a little more visuals on what a great baker website should look like? Here are three websites created from templates or custom with the help of Showit Design Partners for some more inspiration!

The Baker who Leveled-Up

Start your Baking Website Inspiration with a before and after website redesign? Showit Design Partner, Sarah of Digital Grace Design, takes us through a before and after break down of a custom site. Sarah calls it a case study, but we think it's more like a cake study!

Photo of Desktop version of Cake Design Website
A Cake Design Custom Website by Sarah of Digital Grace Design

A Need for Creative Freedom

Squarespace was too limiting for this creative baker! Elyse of Elyse Creates reached out to Showit Design Partner, Maya Palmer to upgrade her look in Showit for more creative freedom over her website. Maya walks us through the website creation process on her blog. You can check out what Maya and Elyse created here.

Photo of baker's website on desktop
A Baker's Website created by Showit Design Partner, Maya Palmer.

Classy and Approachable Sweets and Site

Although their business was classy and approachable, their website was not. At last the husband and wife team found Showit Design Partner, Jessica Gingrich! Of course, they wanted a complete overhaul.

We were looking for a total facelift of our website. We wanted it to feel luxury but still approachable and clean elegant feel. I think for us it was to make it easy for the client and the planners and also for it to look cohesive. It needed to be a tool rather than something you have to showcase pictures.”

They were able to create the online storefront of their dreams with one of Jessica's website templates. More about their process is on Jessica's blog.

Photo of a desktop in a kitchen of a baker website.
A Wedding Cake Creator's Website by Showit Design Partner, Jessica Gingrich

Feeling inspired? Well, get that site baked up right now! Later on, come back when you are ready to dive into how to avoid client frustration on your website. This article will be here to help.

Why Jump on these Free Website Templates for Bakers right now?

You need a website because it's 2022. If you are relying on your Facebook or Instagram Linktree to get you contacts, you are might notice you have reached a paywall. Social Media does not show people you are serious about your business, and thus, worth the investment. A well-thought-out website that gets people engaged from the first moment will have new clients handing over their money because they know you are a professional to trust!

Getting started with a free website for cake bakers and earth shakers, allows you to do exactly that…get started! So what are you waiting for? No seriously, we would love to know! You can hit up our support pages and team right now with your questions.

Stir things up and Bake up a Fresh Website Now!

Start now. It's free and beautiful and totally will level up your business. Get creative with your free website template for the baker and maker at During your free trial period, you can have a website customized and beautified! So, the new clients can come, and you can get back to baking!

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