5 Common Mistakes you are Making on your Website.

March 24, 2021


jihae watson

There are 5 common mistakes that almost everyone makes on their websites. Maybe you are everyone…

As a creative, you may have started your business and worried about the details later. It is easy to forget or neglect the other details of your business when you are immersed in the creative side (right-brained side) of your work. Now is the time to kick that left side of your brain into gear and focus on the details!

Work on your website!

Your website might be one of those things you need to focus on but where do you start? Or maybe you have a website, but there are basically virtual cobwebs all over it. You know something needs to change with your website but you are not sure what may be missing.

Let's dust off those cobwebs and get going! Your website is one of the main marketing tools for your business! But there are so many questions surrounding your website. Do you have a clear brand? Does your website tell visitors who you really are? Are you connecting in a way that turns visitors into clients? These are all common questions when it comes to building or revamping your website. It seems overwhelming. We know!

Website help is here!

So we have some friends Britt & Kelsey, from Launch Your Daydream, here to help you answer many of your questions. They are going to cover 5 common mistakes you are making on your website – and how to fix them.

Britt and Kelsey are the funky-haired, boyband-loving duo behind Launch Your Daydream, a virtual branding studio for photographers. LYD provides photographers with a unique brand identity, custom-designed Showit website, and strategic educational resources so that they can stand out from their competitors and confidently continue growing their business—because when photographers have a clear understanding of their unique value and a visual brand + website to represent it, their business and confidence thrive.

And you can learn more about the common mistakes they see people making on their websites – and how to fix them, on this fantastic webinar they have prepared just for you!

We hope that you enjoyed learning from the LYD duo! Feel free to connect with them on Instagram. Or check them out at their website!

And if you enjoyed this webinar, we think you will also love this one about using Pinterest to further expand your website's reach!. We also have this great post about the only 2 questions you need to answer for your client!

How to fix these 5 common mistakes that people make on their websites

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