4 Mindful Tips To Cope With Anxiety & Overwhelm During Lockdown

April 14, 2020


Cassandra Campbell

Hi Showit friends! 

I’m Cheryl Goh, Founder & Mental Health Advocate of The Mindfulness Company. I’m also a Copywriter over on my website copywriting and brand messaging studio based in Singapore,  351 Digital Consultancy. I write copy for creatives worldwide!

Believe it or not, for the past 7 years of my life – even as a business owner, I’ve struggled with anxiety and overwhelm. I have been going to therapy with my psychologist for the past 4 years, and I am not  afraid to share my story with the world. 

Mental health and anxiety don’t define who we are as a person. My anxiety and depression story has actually made me a better person. Through therapy and shifting my mindset, I have overcome the most negative of situations, which I never thought was possible. 

dealing with mental health and anxiety, to get to a state of mindfulness

During my first few sessions of therapy, my psychologist kept telling me about mindfulness. It’s honestly much easier said than done. To be able to understand the definition of mindfulness is easy, but to be able to put it into practice is difficult.

So what is mindfulness you may ask? Now, let me break it down for you:

Essentially, mindfulness is all about being in the present moment. Being aware of our thoughts that are happening at this very moment. Instead of focusing on something that hasn’t happened yet, or thinking 10 steps ahead.

Mindfulness is especially important during this global pandemic of COVID-19. The situation is changing day by the day, so please  know that you are not alone! During this period of quarantine and working from home, we will get through this together. 

Today I’ll be sharing with you 4 tips to help you cope with any stress and overwhelm you may be facing.

1. Journaling

I used to think that journaling was such a waste of time. But it has honestly been one of the things that has changed my life, and helps me to cope with my anxiety. 

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and I have a never ending to do list, I take a step back. I take out one of my 20 notebooks (I do love notebooks) and start  brain dumping. I list out every single thing I need to do, until I can’t think of any more things to do. 

I then break them down into different days. After which, I’ll always journal out how I’m feeling about each task, and WHY I’m feeling the way I do. One of the things I’ve learned from therapy is asking yourself why you are feeling the way you do. Because that’s where your thoughts start to form. Being able to acknowledge these feelings and thoughts is powerful. 

You don’t have to use a fancy journal. Any sort of notebook will do. But one of my favorite journals is by An Organised Life. I love how I’m able to customize and make it my own, and have my thoughts safely inside. And to be able to look back on them one day. 

mindfulness expert, Cheryl Goh shares how to cope with anxiety and overwhelm

2. Meditation 

Now, meditation is something that I’ve been practicing for the past 4 years. It’s a little bit difficult, but my challenge to you is to put on a guided meditation podcast. 

I love listening to the Meditation Minis Podcast on Spotify to guide me in my meditation practice. I always sit on the bench outside, in my garden and balcony, and play any one of their episodes. Any background music or guided meditation makes it a lot easier to concentrate. 

If you don’t have a balcony, find a quiet space in your home, your bedroom is the best place to meditate. I find the best meditation is done at night before bed time, or anytime in the day that you feel the need to step away from work. 

If you’re able to sit still for at least 10 minutes without blinking your eyes and getting distracted, you are in a state of mindfulness. It may sound impossible at first. But keep practicing! Once you’re able to fully immerse in the state of meditation and mindfulness, you’ll find it so helpful once you get back into doing your tasks and work. It’s such a game changer. 

3. Do an at home workout or practice yoga 

One of the things I’ve been doing every single day since working from home is getting back into my yoga practice. Or even getting an at home workout in. This helps to get your body moving, sweating, and releasing any tension and stress in your body. 

I’m such a huge yogi, I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 6 years. I’m not an expert at yoga, neither am I flawless. Yoga uses the mind, body and soul connection to naturally ground your body to hold the positions. 

In each position that you hold, such as the downward dog and child’s pose, you are cultivating the habit of mindfulness and concentration by being in that state. The end goal of yoga is not about how well you can hold a pose, but how you feel in that pose. 

I’ve been loving the yoga sessions by Boho Beautiful, and here is my personal youtube yoga playlist compilation . I usually rotate between a few of these yoga sessions depending on what I’m feeling that day. I am always updating the playlist, so keep checking back! 

Try doing a workout or yoga practice on a daily basis after work. Trust me it does wonders! You truly will feel zen and in that mindfulness state. It’s hard to explain, but once you try it, you’ll know what I’m talking about! 

mindfulness takes practice and intentionality.

4. Learn a new skill & self development 

During this work from home period is one of the best times to learn a new skill and educate yourself more about your industry. I’ve never really had time to dive into online courses, and I’ve missed baking. But now I'm making time for both! 

I’ve recently invested in Joanna Wiebe’s 10x Sales Pages because I am a full time copywriter. Using this opportunity to train and educate myself in my industry to better the client experience is going to pay off.

Baking is another one of my passions and I have finally had the chance to get down and get my hands dirty! Baking some chocolate chip cakes and just indulging. I mean why not? 

So go on and try some of these tips out! Keeping active and doing new things are only some of the ways to get your body moving, and staying active during quarantine. 

Remember, we’re all in this together and can get through this together! 

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