Showiteer Spotlight for Creatives

June 9, 2020


Chris Misterek

You have worked hard to get where you are! Let's not only celebrate you, but share your story!

Share your journey, tips, tricks, and how you were able to get your business up and running!

It took not only hustle, but tons of inspiration to believe you can do it. Let's share your path to success so others can cheer you on, and gather the inspiration they need to believe they can catch their dreams, too!

Showiteer Spotlight for Creatives

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  • When creating a business, most people focus on (A), when it's more helpful to focus on (B)

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    Chris is multitalented, being able to play a number of instruments, and having an inclination towards creative design, AND technical know-how. He cheerfully brings his Swiss army knife of skills to our designer community.