How to Get Out of the Rut with Sarah Zimmer

January 14, 2016


Cassandra Campbell

Shooting the first wedding in Times Square for 2016 is not something people aspire to. It's more of a result of having aspirations. What do you do if you have those aspirations, but have no idea how to get from where you are to the the proverbial New York? Sarah Zimmer has the answers.

fs-sarahz (3)Getting Started

Heading into college, Sarah assumed a business degree would be the perfect major to set her on a path for success. “after a few months of everything going right over my head, my dad suggested I take an art class. I had been taking art classes my entire life after school but never thought I could actually make a living out of it. I finagled my way into a small sophomore photography class and was hooked after that. Starting out on a black and white film camera really set me up for a win. I truly learned how a camera works, as well as the developing process. Hours and hours were spent in the dark room instead out at a frat party, but you know what? After standing on stage in Times Square this past NYC shooting the first wedding of its kind, I'd say it was worth it!

What's Next

After college Sarah was faced with the challenge all artists have…what's next? The joy of learning and experimenting with your craft in college does not always make for a smooth segue to funding life. Thankfully, she had the dream internship that gave way to full-time employment! “I started my career learning under Jared, Bronson and Eder from Bauman Photographers. I admired how easy and fun they made things! They were so comfortable with their gear and settings that when they were in front of clients it became about making them feel comfortable and setting up a great shot. I love their confidence and that's something I try to emulate in my shooting.fs-sarahz (2)Sarah gained valuable experience in the field and in every aspect of the business with with Jared Bauman and the folks at Bauman Photographers. “I worked in every aspect of that company, from editing, to marketing, studio management, shooting etc…I hosted several styled shoots, asking friends to be models and vendors to donate flowers, dresses, suits etc. in exchange for the credit on social media. I second shot and assisted as many weddings as possible.” With determination to gain experience and make a lucrative career as a photographer, Sarah soaked up every bit of information and experience she could from the industry.

Stuck in a Rut

Soon it was time for Sarah to have a go on her own. With the confidence she had gained from industry leaders at Bauman Photography, Sarah entered the wedding photography industry on her own without many growing pains. However, the smooth transition lead to getting stuck in a rut. “A few years ago I was feeling a bit stuck, shooting the same cookie cutter weddings every single weekend. I was loosing my passion a bit. I packed up everything I owned into a storage unit and bought a one way ticket to Japan. I was scared out of my mind but I knew it would push me to grow. I traveled around solo for a few months, exploring several counties, meeting the locals, eating insane foods all with my camera by my side. fs-sarahz (1)I shot for a wonderful non-profit animal rescue foundation and took portraits of some of the most interesting people I've ever met in my life. Those are the images I printed and have hanging in my house, those are images that represent candid, authentic, real moments and people. I came back home refreshed, awakened and with a clear idea of what I wanted to shoot and who I wanted to work with. I hired a business coach, revamped my website with you guys at Showit5 and have never felt so motivated. Sometimes you need to put yourself in a really scary situation (it's all relative) in order to grow; for me that starts by hoping on a plane for a new adventure!”

What a journey it has been for Sarah Zimmer thus far! You can follow along with all her future adventures through Facebook, Instagram, and of course, her brand new Showit5 site! We are already excited about what she has in store next!



Casandra is a born and bred East Coaster who finds herself braving the heat of the Valley of the Sun with her husband and three cute kids all for the love of Showit.