How to Create a Simplified Brand Strategy

July 27, 2022


jihae watson

You need to know how to create a simplified brand strategy. You've been spinning your wheels, and something has to change. We've got you! The lovely Kaitlin Fontenot has 5 steps you can take to create a simplified brand strategy. This includes SEO, and automating your systems!

Kait Fontenot is the Founder + Lead Designer & Developer at Kait Studio where she works with women from all over the world to launch + scale their digital brands. Over the last 12 years, she and her team have launched over 100 websites on Shopify, Showit. As well as numerous courses for clients on Kajabi. Their client roster includes working with creatives from the US, UK, Nigeria, and even Greece. They work with top 1% podcasters, 6 & 7 figure e-commerce masterminds, New York Times best-selling authors, course creators, and some of the most amazing digital gurus they could have ever dreamed of.

How to create a simplified brand strategy: webinar

Check out this incredible webinar where Kait empowers us all to simplify our brand strategies:

We are so very thankful for Kait! She is absolutely passionate about helping business owners SIMPLIFY ALL THE THINGS! If you want to connect with her, you can find her at And as promised, you can sign up for the freebie that she mentioned during the webinar, right here.

More next steps for your brand

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