Featured Showiteers-Dan & Erin DeZago

August 26, 2015


Cassandra Campbell

We have a double whammy for you this week! Not one, but two Showiteers! Not one extraordinarily talented creative, but two! Dan and Erin DeZago are a powerhouse with a dual business that focuses on wedding photography and cinematography. erinanddan6 (2)Just a few moments on their Showit website, and you feel like you know them. Dan and Erin have dropped little hints of who they are throughout their pages from the minute you hit Dephotocinema.com. The ease with which they incorporate video and still imagery allows you to gather a more complete view of Dan&Erin Photocinema. With this grand picture of how Dan, the cinematographer, and Erin, the photographer, complement each other's work, it is easy to see how a client would want the same storytellers to capture their wedding day.

When the two were discussing the design process, they mentioned their desire to share who they are with potential clients. “I love how simple it was to incorporate the video side of our business into our site, and that the videos play seamlessly all the time. Probably my favorite page was our “Beliefs” page in our About Us section. I love how it turned out and how interactive it is. It is so important to us that we share our hearts with our potential brides, and that page is a beautiful way to do that.about4While it may appear sharing comes easily, Dan and Erin were in business a while before finding an ease to being part of the industry. On their blog, the team discuss the challenges of finding their voice in a competitive trade. “We knew a few other photographers, some that would freely share information, help, community, and support.

10985066_1604994169712508_4791789737618147417_o But a majority of the others that we knew or had experience with were more stingy. More competition-focused, rather than community-focused. And so, we felt like an island, and had come to believe that that's what was expected in this industry of trying to make it work. We tried to fit into the mold of what we thought we were supposed to do, how we were supposed to work, what our work was supposed to look like, etc. We longed for others to connect with, and began to feel lonely and insecure.

Then, something incredible happened! We decided the old way wasn't working. We switched website development companies, which at the time seemed like a minor change. Little did we know we would be ushered into a community of people that quickly showed us there is another way. People that loved us. People that shared information freely. People who's number one priority was loving and serving others. The most important lesson we've learned in our short time with Showit, is that we are called to be who we were created to be.”

“Community” is their number one word of advice to those creatives just starting out or struggling in their craft. The self-proclaimed introverts, Dan and Erin don't regret taking a risk to put themselves out there in hopes of finding a group that would champion each other. erinanddan6 (3)“…being in a community of other photographers and other wedding pros has made us confident to be who we are and to carve out our little niche in the industry. Before we decided to jump into the community, we were so lonely and frustrated in business. We were just trying to do what everyone else was doing, but it wasn't working. Please, don't be afraid to be who you were created to be! And don't be afraid to know others and to let others know you! You will learn infinitely more, and that kind of camaraderie is priceless.”

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and become a part of a community. -Dan&Erin Photocinema

Spencer + Patrick from Daniel DeZago on Vimeo.

The artistic pair go on to point to leaders in their own region that have paved the path to community. “There are so many incredible photographers that have influenced our business and our hearts. The Showit community in Phoenix is overflowing with amazing photographers and business owners, and we have been so blessed to take bits and pieces from so many. In our early years of business, Melissa Jill's blog was a huge voice in learning how to do what we do. More recently, probably Amy & Jordan Demos, Field & Karie Denny, and Alisa McCormick have been the ones to truly build our confidence and influence our hearts for what we do.

10559936_1517294825149110_7485495114232273622_nThe influence of this community in Dan and Erin's business was a story we were eager to share. As much as they point to other leaders in the Showit family, we know there are just as many stories of how they have shared and helped propel fellow Showiteers forward. You can continue to follow Dan&Erin Photocinema through their website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. We are grateful to them for sharing their story. If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear it. Just drop us a line.


Casandra is a born and bred East Coaster who finds herself braving the heat of the Valley of the Sun with her husband and three cute kids all for the love of Showit.