Save Time + Get Creative with Adobe XD and Showit

August 26, 2021


Jefferson Todd Pals

You've heard that Adobe XD and Showit work well together, but you don't really understand how. Not to worry, friends! Once you learn the power of Adobe XD and Showit together, you will be blown away at how much time and money this will save you! And your clients! Perhaps you’re already an experienced designer, and you’re just looking for a creative way to save time and show off your skills.

That was the case for Showit Design Partner Ingrid Urena at Penguin Designing:

“Using Adobe XD saves me time and allows me to do more creative designs with Showit because I have the freedom to create my layout and effects (like drop shadows) and export them ready to be added to Showit. I can then build it in Showit really fast, knowing exactly where things go and how it should look.”

First step: Start in Adobe XD

Ingrid first designs her websites in Adobe XD. She starts with her homepage artboard, for which she has created a preset: “I like to do 1200 pixels wide [artboard] to match the Showit builder and also to know how things will look on a tablet (no running off the edges) because that is the maximum space that we will have on the actual website.”

Then, Open up Showit

She proceeds to design the rest of the website, including options for special effects and graphics that she’s able to import to Showit later. Then, Ingrid prototypes the site inside Adobe XD to get a feel for the natural flow of the site before easily exporting her assets and recreating the experience inside Showit.

Ingrid prefers to prototype on Adobe XD and build on Showit for several reasons:

  • You can use powerful design software for fast and easy prototyping, viewing the pages side-by-side when building the site.
  • You can get pixel-perfect designs with specific component information and more options for specialty graphics inside Adobe XD.
  • You can save time designing with Adobe XD by marking all of your needed graphics for export and exporting them all in one simple step.

Ingrid shares a timelapse recording of her building the site in Showit after first completing the prototype in Adobe XD.

Ingrid also loves how easy it is to build creative sites with Showit, without the need to hire an additional developer. This saves her and her clients time and money. And that is always such a beautiful thing!

To learn more about becoming a website designer who uses Showit, check this out!

Or, to start building your own Showit site, start here!

JT is the Designer Community Lead at Showit Inc., a Gilbert, AZ based software company creating easy to use tools for custom website design. He was a professional wedding photographer before beginning his design career using Showit software. JT is married to the love of his life Ashley and they currently share their household with two mostly well behaved golden retrievers, Napa and Sonoma.