Creating a membership site on Showit with MemberSpace

July 14, 2022


Shamesha Sheffield

Ward Sandler, CEO of MemberSpace, is here to show you how to build a sustainable membership site without knowing code. He will take you on the journey of turning part of your Showit website into a members-only portal with just a few clicks. MemberSpace will help you streamline your recurring revenue, deliver more focused value to your clients, and much more. Take the leap! We cannot wait to celebrate your success.


3:11 Intro
3:46 About MemberSpace
5:13 What is a membership site
6:20 Types of membership sites
7:13 Why start a membership site
11:05 Showit + Memberspace = ❤️
12:25 DEMO
14:07 Showit backend
15:01 MemberSpace backend
15:11 Finding the install code
15:30 Installing code into Showit
16:35 Protecting your member pages
20:41 Creating your member menu
23:00 Account functionality
24:25 How to drip out access to content
25:35 Creating plans to access content
31:00 Q&A


Showit is a drag and drop website platform with a free trial at