Ashley Tisdale’s Frenshe.Com is on Showit

March 24, 2022


jihae watson

Have you seen Ashley Tisdale's Showit site? Many people only know Ashley as Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. But if you haven't seen her since High School Musical 3 came out in 2008, then you are missing out!

Ashley is the creative genius behind, a website and lifestyle blog that is all things beautiful and drool-worthy design. Check out her beautiful site for inspiration on how to style your home, to which sandals you should be investing in. And to keep up with Ashley and all her mom-adventures, and new beauty and home finds, you can join the millions of others who follow her on Instagram and Tiktok.

What Frenshe is about, in Ashley's words: This platform was inspired by a desire to be authentic and REAL about mental health and wellness, and it's all made possible by you. We love our Frenshe community of amazing individuals choosing to make healthier choices for better all-around wellbeing, and can't wait to continue growing with you.

To start your own lifestyle blog, start your free 14 day trial today! We are thankful that Ashley and her team chose Showit to build their incredible lifestyle blog and website.

If you are looking for some major beauty, home, life, mom inspo – check out by the incredibly talented and brilliant @AshleyTisdale ! #showitwebsite #ashleytisdaleforever

♬ It's Alright, It's OK – Ashley Tisdale

Hi! I'm Jihae Watson! I was born in Seoul, grew up in Toronto, Ontario and now live in Gilbert, Arizona. I love all three cities so very much as I have plenty of family, and favorite restaurants in all three locations.

I am married to a stud named Chris, and we have four fantastic kids. Together we love being a foster family, and we presently have the sweetest little foster babe.