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How to Plan + Prepare for Your Stress-Free Brand Photoshoot!

with Erica and Jon Hayes

Recorded live Thursday, August 11th at 10:00 am / MST 1:00 pm EDT

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What this webinar is about:

Everyone needs beautifully branded photos, whether for social media, but especially for your website. Erica and Jon are going to help you to get the most bang from your branding shoot!

Erica and Jon will show us:

Exactly How to Plan + Prepare for Your Brand Photoshoot: For a stress-free experience resulting in on-brand images that attract your tribe!
– A Mandatory Mindset Shift: Shifting the perspective you have about photos from past wedding or family photo experiences to what's needed for your brand.
– Asking the Right Questions: How to uncover details about your brand that translate to an on-brand photoshoot.
– Planning + Preparation: Why failing to plan for your photo shoot is planning to fail, and how to bring a great plan together!

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