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I find my creative inspiration in nature. Nothing get's the juices flowing like a hike up a mountain or in the woods. Being in an office with four walls all day just drains me and saps my creative energy. But, a few minutes outside and it all starts coming back to me. #sparkcreativity by getting out in nature with @showit @lynda_s @jamiejamie1 @carolvancomer


My kids are a constant source of inspiration for me. I love how they see the world. It's like everything is a creative opportunity. Even the simplest things that I look past almost instantly can be a playground of creative opportunity for them. They #sparkcreativity in me more than anything else @showit @johnny_d @carol_adams32 @marcus_williams


I always find myself at my most creative when I immerse myself in new experiences. Traveling to a new city. Visiting a new art show. Trying something I've never tried before. It stirs my creativity like nothing else. Here's to new adventures! #sparkcreativity @showit @kaitlyn_grins @williambarclay @meghanmegsmeg



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When did you discover you had a knack for creativity?

What is something that amazes you?

Have you ever heard a song or watched a movie that inspired you to do something creative?

You’re writing a book. Do you go to a cabin in the woods all by yourself or do you get a team of friends together?

Where do you go when you need creative insight?

Is there a specific place that you find yourself being more creative?

Who in your life inspires you most?

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