How to Use Pinterest For Your Business

September 22, 2020


jihae watson

We are so thankful that we were able to have a webinar hosted by the amazing Vanessa Kynes! Vanessa is a Pinterest marketing strategist, consultant and educator. She has worked with clients who have over 10 million views. And she is here to share some simple things that we can all be doing to improve our Pinterest strategies. Instead of randomly scrolling and pinning, to pinning with a plan and purpose! Use Pinterest for your business by following these simple tips and tricks!

Important Pinterest Facts

  • People pin more during October and January! You will see a dip in your Pinterest views in the spring and summer months when people are not normally indoors as much.
  • Pinterest does like for you to use hashtags that have important keywords! Only 2 or 3 will do. No need for 30 like on Instagram.
  • Pinterest wants you to pin about 15-20 pins a day. This is very time consuming – unless you use an amazing app like Tailwind!
  • Using keywords is so important, and Pinterest basically gives you hints on which keywords you should be using.
  • DO NOT USE cute board names. ‘Yum' is not a good board title. Instead go for ‘Dinner Recipes'. Or instead of ‘Gorgeousness' try ‘Photoshoot ideas'.
  • Switch to a business account if you haven't already! There are analytics and other free tools available for you!
  • Use more videos and GIFs and movement on your pins, and in your header image. Canva is a great tool to help you do that.

Claim your website!

It is important to claim your website! This will help you to create rich pins. You will know if your website is claimed, because you will see a little icon with a checkmark under your profile name.

Verify your website for your Pinterest Business profile! If you have the world-icon with the check-mark, you've done it correctly!

You can check out this helpful article that will describe how to do this in Showit. Vanessa also talked about it during her webinar.

Hidden Pins

From your own Pinterest searches, you know those pins with words really stand out! If it doesn't meet your blog aesthetics to include this type of image in your post, you can add a hidden pin! Here's the quick and easy way to add a hidden pin to help use Pinterest for Business.


Tailwind is the pinning tool that Vanessa mentioned is a game changer. She has a very thorough blog post about Tailwind here. You can use it to schedule your pins, and also repin other people's pins via specific Tailwind groups. You can pin manually, but that is much more time consuming. Use this tool to maximize your time and reach so you can really use Pinterest to propel your business forward.

Use Pinterest for your business to connect with others!

Find out more about Vanessa and the amazing resources she offers to creative business owners on her website. You should also definitely be following her on Pinterest!

You can find us on Pinterest as well! We have many boards for creative professionals like yourself. And we would love to see you and your beautiful work over there as well.

Pinterest is a search engine tool, and not a social media platform, which is the thing people confuse Pinterest for the most. Understanding the basics about Pinterest, and utilizing the powerful (and FREE!) tools they have created, will help your business!

Webinar on How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Check out this amazing webinar that we hosted with Vanessa Kynes! It is packed to the brim with helpful information, and actionable tools! Your Pinterest presence will improve, and you will attract more clients once you start using Pinterest for your business – properly!

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