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The Mothership

The Space Where We Originated

When we started Showit, we all worked remotely. Technology allowed us to do that, but after a few years we realized how important it was for the team to be together in a literal sense. And if we were going to be together, we wanted to make a space that was fun to come to. The Mothership, as it came to be known, was the result of creative (and possibly ridiculous) dreaming from our team and our friend Mural Joe.

We've since outgrown the Mothership but it's still a part of our company even though this isn't the day-to-day where we work anymore. We spent quite a few years building our company here. It feels like our garage. It has that fond memory of when it was just a couple of guys that tried to make something happen. Now we have over 30 employees, so it's a different season for Showit but we still have those memories of just a few guys working hard to create something together.