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Get started 

If you've bought the template in the Showit store, the template will automatically load into your account. 

If you've purchased the template from a designer's website, you can follow these directions to add the template to your account. 

If using a premium template:

If using a free template: 

Log into Showit and choose a free template that matches the style of your brand. If you're still working on it, choose one that catches your eye.

Don't worry! If the template you choose doesn't quite fit what you're looking for, Showit gives you the freedom to try another design at anytime.

Gather your images

Clarify your Brand

Write your copy

Create a plan

learn how to gather your content to make designing quick and easy

learn how to gather your content to make designing quicker than Usain Bolt's Olympic time 


Gather and upload your images 

Once you've gathered all the image you want to use on your website, upload them in your media library. Don't worry, you can change and/or add images whenever you want.

If you need stock images we suggest checking out our resource for free stock photos.

Pro Tip: Upload images as .jpg unless you absolutely need a transparent background. In that case, use .png or .svg depending on your specific needs.


The words your visitors read on your website

Don't skip this step! The words on your website can make the difference between someone buying from you or bouncing off your page. 

Use engaging copy to guide your visitors through a journey that makes them feel confident about purchasing from you. Copy is also essential to SEO, so to reiterate: don't skip this step.


Branding is the process of applying your brand identity cohesively throughout your website. Doing so effectively helps facilitate better brand recognition and helps builds rapport with your target customer.

Clarify your brand identity

Learn more about the design settings here. 

Pro Tip: Set your brand colors and fonts in the Design Settings before you start designing. This will keep your site design cohesive and on brand throughout the design process.

Personalize your site

A non-exhaustive list of steps to help you launch your site

Add copy 

Don't skimp on your copy! Website copy communicates the purpose, values and offerings of your business to visitors, helping to establish credibility and a stronger brand identity.

Well-crafted copy can hold your readers' attention, pique their interest, and persuade them to take action, leading to purchases or new sign-ups for you and problems solved for them. And if that wasn't enough, good copy plays a critical role in SEO, helping those visitors organically find you in search results. So again, don't skimp. Copy that?

Add photos

Now is the time to put those images you've uploaded to your media library to use. If you want to swap an image that is on the template, you can do so my double clicking the image. If the image is an image background, click the background and navigate to the canvas background tab in the right sidebar and double click the image there. One other option is to swap images in a gallery which you can do by clicking on the gallery and navigating to the gallery images tab in the right sidebar. Click 'manage images' to swap or add the images. 

Set up contact form 

Most templates come with a contact form already included. If your template doesn't and you anticipate needing a contact form on your website so that potential clients or customers can contact you, you'll want to be sure to add one. You can add a contact form from one of our free template designs, or create one from scratch.

Add SEO information

Each page in your Showit website has section titled 'SEO settings' where you will add information about each page to help the way search engines see your website. For more SEO information, head to our help docs at learn.showit.com.

Edit mobile

Mobile and desktop are designed independently within Showit. We recommend designing the mobile and desktop side by side at the same time, but some Showit users prefer to design desktop completely and then go through and design mobile. If that is the boat you find yourself in, you can speed up the process by using mobile layout assistance.

Get more help

Visit our training hub to take one of our learning courses, search our help docs, or learn from other Showit users with helpful content.

take me there

Preview your website to test links, the contact form, and double check that you have the menu and footer on every page. Don't forget to test mobile as well! 

Preview your site

Hide elements

Stop before you delete anything and hide those elements instead. You never know when they might come in handy! 

Double check pages

To avoid future regret, we suggest toggling the publish option on pages you don't want published...or are not sure you need right now - just in case you want to revisit them at a later date! 

This one feels obvious but you'll want to triple check that your contact form is up and working properly to avoid losing out on inquiries from potential clients. 

Test contact form

Request a blog setup or migration if on a blog plan
Connect domain to your site by setting the DNS records
Set up Google Analytics and connect it to your website
Click the blue publish button in Showit

Request a blog setup or migration if on a blog plan

Connect domain to your site by setting the DNS records

Set up Google Analytics and connect it to your website

Click the blue publish button in Showit

Don't forget this! 

Launch your site


Cue the confetti!

Don't forget to share your brand new site with the world and tag us when you do! You might be reserved about tooting your horn, but we certainly are not! Share your information with us in our launch form.

Download our free launch graphics kit 

Don't let your launch go unnoticed

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Frequently asked Qs

have more questions? 

Reach out to our Support Center, or visit the FAQ

Support Center, 


Common Questions

Yes, you may add as many pages as you would like. Here is how you can add a blank page. 

You can copy and paste an existing button, or follow these directions to create a new one. 

If you are on a blog plan you can request your blog setup or migration from our team by following these directions. 

You can find your DNS records in your Showit account. Find more information here.

Create a website for yourself, not by yourself

With Showit, you are not alone. You've got a crew of support, ready and able to help get you started, going, and launched!

We've got over 300 help docs, to help you get un-stuck or started on your way...fast. 

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Level up your Showit website designing knowledge with our learning courses. 

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