Buckets of Daiquiris-TGIF!

May 30, 2014


Jed Smith

My grandma makes the best daiquiris ever.

I know, I know- traditionally, grandmas make things like little knit booties, or ugly sweaters, or muffins or something, but my grandma is AWESOME. Don't be jealous. I'm going to totally show you everything she taught me!

Sometimes as a creative small business owner, we have stressful days. When that happens, what we need are buckets of daiquiris.


Time to grab your bucket!

That's right- BUCKET!

This is a top secret family recipe from my grandma and today I will share it with you all, as long as you promise to keep it on the DL, ok?

Ingredients for a Bucket of Daiquiris

A Bucket of Daiquiris
What you'll need:

How to make the best daiquiris in the world! This recipe is a secret family treasure, but we are sharing it with you, hard working creative professionals!
  • One large container with an airtight lid- you can use an ice cream bucket, or Tupperware container
  • One 750 mL bottle of White Rum
  • Two tins of frozen Limeade concentrate
  • One tin of water
  • One bottle of Sprite or 7up

Bucket ‘o' Daiquiris Recipe

Pour both tins of Limeade into your bucket. Add the water, and rum. Mix just enough that the Limeade dissolves, then add the Sprite. Don't mix the bubbles out- that will help your drinks to not freeze solid. (I mean… it's a lot of rum, so it's probably not going to anyway, but just in case)


At this stage, you have a few choices. If you're impatient like me, you'll love the first two. If you're a sucker for perfection, then the third option, which is the way the recipe was originally written, is for you.

Time to Make Your Daiquiri Yours!

1. You can pour this mixture over some muddled lime slices & mint leaves, add some ice, and make a Mojito on the rocks! Yum!
2. You can grab some frozen strawberries, pour the lime mixture over them in a blender, and make a fresh strawberry daiquiri- which is my favorite.
3. You can seal up your bucket, and chuck it in the freezer overnight (I know, right?! Who has time for that?!)


The Traditional Daiquiri

Traditionally, daiquiris are made with a sugared rim and a slice of lime as a garnish. The easy way to make your drinks look fancy is to take two plates, pour a little water or lime juice into one, and about 1/4 cup sugar into the other. Dip the rim of your glass into the water, then into the sugar. Slice up some limes & strawberries and you've got a perfectly garnished party beverage- or your new editing BFF.


Once your daiquiris are good and frozen, grab your bucket out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter for about 5 minutes. Use a spoon to slush up the drink, and spoon it into a glass with a sugared rim. Add a lime slice, and voila! The perfect lime daiquiri.


These are the perfect drink to wind down on a deck and watch the sunset.
Or pour yourself a celebratory drink after you launch your site! Or because it's Tuesday. It's a daiquiri. It has fruit in it. It's basically a salad in fun liquid form. And also – treat yo' self.

Just remember, it's a bucket of daiquiris. A bucket of daiquiris is made to be shared. So call your friends, or your grandma and her friends! Toast to whatever you want, just make sure you have someone to toast with!

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