Arizona Adventures

July 14, 2014


There comes a time when life takes over and it doesn't leave room for us to even breathe. Work schedules are hectic, houses need to be cleaned, kids and significant others need to be tended to, and did I mention excuses? The number of excuses we give ourselves not to live life to the fullest, (because who are we to deserve such a beautiful life?!) leave us with hardly any time to dedicate to ourselves and our adventurous hearts.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of not being adventurous and living spontaneously. I started a small business so that I can do MORE of the things that I love and instead I spend most of my time in front of a computer. This is NOT what I intended life to be like. I dream of visiting places I see on Pinterest or Instagram. Let's face it- I'm a dreamer. My life is cozy sitting on my couch surfing the internet for places I only HOPE to visit, being envious of all those out there enjoying their freedom and wild, crazy adventures, while my heart yearns to be more creative with my time.

I want to say “Screw the movie – let's drive somewhere!! Who cares where. Let's just go where the road takes us.” Isn't that what life is about? The journey? As much as I love a movie, will I really remember how it FELT to be in that moment, or just how awesome the movie was? [pullquote] I want to FEEL my memories. Climbing up a mountain to get to an awesome view, hearing waterfalls, jumping off cliffs, swimming in exotic pools of water, smelling the fresh air, picnic lunch with my favorite someone… Those are the things you will remember down the road.[/pullquote] Those are the stories you can tell your grandchildren about.

Some of those adventures are in the very own backyard of the beautiful state I live in, Arizona. Tyler Kurbat, an outdoor enthusiast/ adrenaline junkie, writes his way through the adventures of Arizona road trips and his newlywed life. Tyler wants to inspire confidence, curiosity, and growth inside his readers and take them outside of their comfort zones, and boy does he do that well!

I have visited a few of these places he speaks of, South Mountain being one of them. The picture featured in this post was taken during an engagement session just a couple of months ago at the very top of Lookout Point. What a gorgeous view that is, during sunset as you sit on the top of the mountain breathing in the fresh air and feeling the wind blow through your hair. There really is no feeling like it. I had to put my camera down. I just needed a moment to breathe in the sunshine. I closed my eyes and felt the sun kissing my skin. There was a calmness that took over me, and when I opened my eyes I looked all around me, down the beautiful valley that leads to my home. All the twinkling lights in the distance. All those that were stuck in their homes probably cooking dinner or watching TV. I thought to myself, “Wow,I really need to do this more often. Take the time to appreciate this beautiful world around us.” My clients definitely didn't seem to mind the pause as they were snuggled up close enjoying the same view.

Tyler inspires me to be more adventurous, and I hope he does the same for you. Life is too short to sit in front of a computer or on your phone searching for places you only dream of visiting when you can experience them first hand in your own backyard. The next time you come up with one of your excuses to not experience nature in all it's glory, check yourself!!! Fill up your gas tank and drive. Get out and walk. Pack a lunch of PB & J's, a bottle of your favorite wine and get out there and live!!! I dare you!!!!

Check out Tyler's ahhhhhhmaaaaazing Arizona Adventure's HERE.