Showit Designers Code of Conduct


These guidelines (“Code”) help define the expectations for how a Showit Design Partner (“designer” or “partner”) should behave and conduct business as a professional designer. 


  • Create your own designs. 
  • Credit anything you didn’t design. 
  • If there’s ever a problem, respectfully talk about it directly with that person.

Responsibility to Clients

1.1 Client’s Best Interests

A designer shall acquaint themselves with their client’s business and design standards and always have the best interests of their client in mind within the limits of this Code.

1.2 Confidentiality

A designer shall treat all personal information and work-in-progress as confidential and shall not disclose without consent from the client. 

1.3 Professional Conduct

A designer shall perform all design services with a high standard of design and professional conduct. A partner shall not conduct themselves in a manner that compromises their or any other partner’s profession.

Responsibility to Other Designers 

2.1 Existing Design Projects With Another Designer

A designer shall not accept a new design project in which another partner has been or is currently working on without notifying the other partner and confirming that any previous agreements have been properly completed or terminated. 

2.2. Criticism of Work

A designer shall be fair when critiquing another designer’s work. Feedback shall be balanced and objective and should not denigrate the work or reputation of a fellow designer.

2.3 Plagiarism and Copyright

A designer shall not follow guidance from a client or any other person that would result in plagiarism or knowingly infringe on any copyrights.

Authorship and Intellectual Property

3.1 Copying of Design or Work

A designer shall at no point knowingly copy any design (whole or portion) or work of another designer without the consent or agreement of the original creator.

3.2 Content Authorship

A designer shall not claim authorship of the design of another person without the consent or agreement of the author or creator.

3.3 Site Credits

A designer shall not claim sole credit on a design in which other designers have collaborated or unknowingly contributed through the use of design resources. When not the sole author, it is the responsibility of the designer to identify their specific contribution and provide credit to others as appropriate. (We suggest a “Site Credits” page)

Responsibility to Community & Showit

Showit’s goal is to maintain a safe and thriving community environment that is welcoming to all. This Code applies to all community activities online, as well as activities outside of the community including one-on-one conversations. 

4.1 Expected Behavior

Be polite, welcoming, and kind to each other. Treat each other with respect. Participate in building an amazing community of designers that values community over competition. 

4.2 Unacceptable Behavior

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Any posts or conduct that is discriminatory or offensive in nature.
  • Any intimidation or harassment.
  • Disrespect for differences of opinion.

Violations of Code

5.1 Disputes

When a dispute arises between designers, we suggest you first try to address the issue by talking directly. Many times disputes can easily be resolved by clarifying things directly. If you’re unable to resolve the problem, Showit can assist as a mediator to review the issue and make recommendations to resolve the problem.

5.2 Reporting

Violations and disputes can be reported to Showit by emailing with details about the possible violation. Please include all relevant details.

5.3 Violations

Violators of this Code may be placed into a probationary status with limited benefits, removed from the Design Partner program, or removed entirely from our Showit platform at the discretion of Showit. 

Management of Community

6.1 Managed by Showit

This Design Partner program is an added benefit that Showit offers to qualifying designers. Membership is managed at the sole discretion of Showit and it’s staff. Showit reserves the right to remove a partner for any reason. Showit reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. Showit reserves the right to change policies at any time.  

Revision 1.0

Updated 5/14/19

Inspired Sources for this Showit Designer Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct:

AIGA Standards of Professional Practice

AGDA Code of Ethics

GDC Code of Ethics

Slack Developer Community Code of Conduct