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Charlotte, NC

Branded by Bernel

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If you’ve ever met Bernel in person, you know the energy she brings to a room. Her unique style and approach to branding and design has created opportunities to blaze a trail that points both to a promising future and a path so many young women after her can follow.

Bernel Westbroook



Washington, DC

Tonic Site Shop

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No two brands should look alike because no two brands are alike. That is what makes every story unique—the people and characters within them. Jen’s has a unique ability to discover that uniqueness and lay it out in a way that you and the people you want to connect with will love.




Lexington, VA

Davey & Krista

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Krista turned down a “dream opportunity” from Silicon Valley and chose to follow a different path. John Mayer wrote in a song that, “they love to tell you to stay inside the lines, but something’s better on the other side.” Krista chose that other side and now enjoys both a life and work that thrives!




Atlanta, GA

Octavia Elease Designs

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What Octavia has overcome to reach this point in her life is amazing. What she teaches all of us is, yes, you can have more; you can do more; and you don’t have to be limited to reaching only for the things you can see. 

Reach for what you can’t see.




Nashville, TN

Elizabeth McCravy

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Elizabeth’s trajectory has not gone without major challenges, doubt or heartache, but what we learn from her story is the power of sound encouragement and the degree of freedom we can all experience when we cultivate the creativity that exists in each of us.




Annapolis, MD        

Natalie Franke        

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Not many people embody the reality of community better than Natalie Franke. She’s a creative, entrepreneur, mom and low-key genius, who championed a movement to see community over competition, but even she too came to understand that belonging, that feeling of being a fellow member with another, is what opened her eyes to what really could exist within a community.




Fredericksburg, VA        

Michelle Harris        

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The creative journey is often a long and lonely one. In the beginning, Michelle Harris didn’t have access to mentors or community or resources to accelerate her learning curve. But now being further down the road, she is the one taking the insight, the tools, and the confidence she’s garnered and pouring that into another generation of female photographers and business women so they can have more now than she had when she started.




Baltimore, MD        

Chip Dizárd         

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Chip Dizárd started his creative journey when he first got his hands on a Mac computer when he was young. It started with website design, but then quickly evolved into photography. (Chip discovered, and you might know, you can’t have a website without photography!) Opening his mind up to new ventures, allowed Chip to widen his skills and find where he excels.

Chip Dizárd


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"Being an entrepreneur gives you the ability to work from anywhere. I tell people, "all you need is wifi and a dream."

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"Then I discovered Showit and I was able to see other designers be a mom, run businesses, do all these fabulous things with their lives and then I realized, “Hey, I can do these things, too.”

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"I love being able to take a vision in my head, draw it out and build it in Showit."

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"So much of what I’ve learned about community has come from experiencing the community Showit has built…Showit is a family."

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"Once my website was at the next level they’re like, “Oh she’s really really doing this." So, it helped me do all the things. It helped me impress my clients and also prove everybody who was a naysayer wrong."

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"Showit to me is a community driven website platform. People actually care about your business. Showit has shown me that it is about community. It is about people first."

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