Top 5 Studio Management Features of Táve

February 19, 2015



Photo from Táve.

When it comes to studio management I've been through almost everything, or at least I thought I had. In an effort to streamline my process and save money last year I moved from my previous studio management system and decided to go ahead with your basic contracts software that could save me money. One day on a whim I happened to hear about this awesome company called Táve so I thought I'd click the website and look around. I was absolutely not interested in committing to a new studio management system, but I gave the free 30 day trial a go and I feel in love…hard. Táve isn't your average studio management software, it's the batmobile to your Ford Focus. Here's my top 5 favorite features about them!

  1. Clean Booking System – My absolute number one favorite feature is the booking system. It's so easy to enter information about a client, draw up a proposal and send a contract their direction. Within that system you can easily customize things just for a single customer and add things like invoices, retainers, questionnaires and other documents to the booking process. Once you set it all up, which only takes a couple of minutes, it emails everything to the client and walks them through the system step-by-step. Where I used to have clients question my booking systems or glitches I now have a really easy and streamlined process where I can get the contract, extra info, and a retainer all in one easy go.

    Booking System

  2. Automations – If you're not familiar with automations, you should be! Automations in studio management software allow you to automate various processes throughout your business. Lots of photography studio management systems have automation options in them, but in my experience I've found Táve's one of the easiest to use and set up. Of course it helps automate the booking process, but the options truly are endless for what you might want to automate. I set up lots of emails to go out to my wedding clients throughout their experience with me before the wedding. I have emails set up to check in three months prior to the wedding just to say hi, a month prior to gather timeline info and have them fill out a questionnaire, a week prior to the wedding to send them a few last minute tips, the day before to let them know I'm ready and more. It's so nice not having to worry about when and how to send out all these things and it ensures each client gets the exact same experience.


  3. Interface – Speaking of easy to use….holy interface Batman! I'm in love with this thing. The interface runs effortlessly with no lags, quick time and easy organization so I can find everything without too many menus or titles that don't make sense. It feels very intuitive.

    The Dashboard

  4. Price – Yep! One of my favorite features is the price. $24.99 a month gets you all the awesome features listed above plus more, like task lists, financial tracking, and other fun stuff. If you decide to give Táve a go I'm dropping my referral link >here< for you! For some reason the referral link only shows one price (the boutique package), but rest assured after you sign up for your 30 day trial you can grab Táve for $24.99 a month! While you're using the trial drop by Táve's Facebook group if you need any help. It's full of friendly faces, tips, and free webinars.


  5. Setup and User Time – My last, but also a very important feature. Setting up was pretty effortless because it was easy to walk through and find all the information I needed. I set it up in a matter of a few hours and spent the full month testing it out. When I needed a helping hand because I was confused (which was only once) I hopped in the Facebook group and had my question answered pretty quick. Initial setup is very easy and I find the general time I spend using it to be a lot less than programs I have tried in the past. It's so quick and easy to make changes and update little things. While it doesn't have a mobile app, it works effortlessly on mobile devices. When I was overseas I didn't even have to pull out my laptop to book weddings, I did it all from my iPhone.

    The Settings Page


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