5.5 Tips to an Unforgettable Keynote

March 9, 2021


jihae watson

Whether you are giving a keynote in person or virtually, you do not want to prepare for it without knowing these 5.5 tips! Our friend, Mike Pacchione is a professional Keynote Coach, and he wants YOU to deliver an unforgettable keynote that will inspire, educate, and even convert (into clients!) your audience.

Mike has coached people with their keynotes and TedTalks over the last 8 years. Names like Donald Miller, Amy Porterfield, James Clear (Atomic Habits), Ian Cron (of Enneagram fame), and so many more! He has also spoken to big companies like Nike, Starbucks, and The State Department.

5.5 Tips to an Unforgettable Keynote

  1. Push them into the pool! (Metaphorical!!! Don't push people into actual swimming pools. Thank you.)
  2. People remember visuals better than words
  3. Err on the side of a shorter explanation and speak faster than you think you should (especially when presenting virtually.)
  4. Find the villain (your audience's resistance)
  5. Be the emotion you wish to see in your audience

And a little bonus tip:

5.5 Finish early!

These tips will truly help you to prepare for, and deliver an absolutely incredible, and unforgettable keynote! If you think about any good keynote you've ever heard, the thing that sets it apart is the fact that you probably forgot you were listening to a keynote! When your audience feels like you are a friend who is talking to them and helping them with something – that's a win!

The actual bonus that Mike refers to at the end of the webinar can be signed up for right here!

You can watch this fantastic webinar that we hosted with Mike!

We are so thankful for Mike's time and wisdom that he shared with us! He was the speech coach we used for Showit's United Apart in 2020. He met with all the speakers for 6 weeks, and helped them to feel confident about delivering the best 10 minute talks they had ever given! To find out more about United, you can check this page out!

If you would like to connect with Mike, you can reach him at his website or email him at mike@miketalks.co .

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How to give an absolutely unforgettable keynote that educates, inspires. Be more confident in delivering keynotes, or even just talking in front of a group of people with these helpful tips.
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