Take Action to Make Your Dreams Happen

December 9, 2015


When you started your business it's likely that you were following a dream. But have you stopped chasing that dream and instead find yourself barely staying on top of the day-to-day tasks involved with running your business? Photographers Graham and Ashley Scobey have spoken on this exact topic at conferences around the country and they want to encourage creatives, photographers specifically, to build businesses that support dreams.

Here's what Ashley had to say about the importance of taking action to make your dreams a reality…

scobeyThere are certain things that most people, especially creative people, can all agree on. For example: we should all follow our dreams. Uh huh. True. We agree. Amen. Every time. We haven't met anyone in the creative entrepreneur space that fights against the idea that dreams are important.

But we've met hundreds of people who fight against the ACTION of it.

So the question becomes, if we understand that following our dreams is important, and many of us have these beautiful pieces of purpose sitting in our hearts calling out to us, then why are we not doing anything about it?

And the answer to that is different for everyone. We're afraid. We're busy. We're short on resources. We're insecure. We're waiting for something.

People have this devastating habit of making their dreams the last thing they do anything about. It becomes the thing we entertain with our spare time. The major problem with that is that nobody has any spare time so nobody is doing the things they dream of doing. What would happen if we were the kind of people who put our primary efforts into the purpose that we have been given? What would happen if our dreams were the first thing on our to-do list? What if your business was set up in a way that allowed you to spend more time on your dreams, instead of being the thing that took time away from them?

When you order your life around dreaming; when you build your business as a vehicle to support your dreams, it's a priority decision and it creates opportunity like you wouldn't believe. And we want that.

When you build a business that supports your dreams, it facilitates them. It accelerates them. It creates an environment where you get to have more dreams more often. It's magic. And it's hard work.

But we believe that doing the hard work of continually investing in your own purpose is so much better than the hard work of running yourself ragged at the edges.

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