How to say YES wisely in life and business

February 24, 2022


Cassandra Campbell

A Book Review for Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Do you ever wonder how seriously successful people say ‘Yes' to the right things? Well this book by one of the most successful forces in the entertainment business will help to answer that question.

And if the title of this book puts you off, it's totally understandable. Who has time for more “yes” in their life? Most people claim to not even have time to read a book. Who has time to read a book and commit to a year of yes, after yes after yes? Let's just say this Shonda Rhimes, creator and lead writer of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and the new Inventing Anna, does not even have time for more “yes” in her life. But if she is saying yes, do you think you should too?

Courageous yes

How do we know how to say yes to the right things? And where does the courage come from to just say yes and do the things that you fear most? Your first courageous yes comes with just reading this book!

And if you want to multi-task, download the audiobook version, that Shonda reads herself. You will feel like she is relying on you in the beginning to get her through this commitment of trying new things for the year. Then half way through, you will realize you aren't holding her hand anymore, she is holding yours.

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The book starts off with some straight talk. In fact, Shonda is pretty blunt and forth-coming in every portion of the ‘Year of Yes'. The first few chapters bring you right in, and she fills you in from the very start. Thanksgiving in her kitchen. The background into her family, and especially her sisters. You are given insight into what it was like for her growing up. (Spoiler alert: It was not a rough childhood, but one filled with love and encouragement.)

You, reader, are given the behind the scenes to her home life, her office life, her family life. There is even an amazing bit about a corset. Really, there is no corner of Shonda Rhimes' life that is off-limits as you are brought through her “Year of Yes”. Shonda helps us to feel courageous in our yesses, because she has been an example of that time and time again.

You and your yesses

After her sister challenges her to be more brave and open with her life, Shonda is defensive and then takes the words to heart. Deep to her heart. She commits herself to things that make her so nervous she gets physically sick. But, dear reader, she does it anyway. Who can relate to being so scared but going forward anyway? You have a your own precious business – we know you do this everyday! You may be deeper into year of yes than you even realize!

Shonda's commitment to this challenge, her human resistance to change, her honesty as she sees how saying yes to everything starts to impact her kid. It's all a beautiful journey you need to let Shonda take you on! From career to the PTA, to how this force of prime time television is saying yes to spending more time with her kids; She has 24 hours in a day – same as you. What kind of yesses are you going to fill your days, and your year with?

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We want to know what goals you have, and whether you reach them! And you know if your goals involve an amazing website – we have got you! And if you are a perpetual starter of goals, but not a finisher, this article can help you! Say YES to done over perfect, and yes to adventure and possibility over fear and regret, and always say yes to relationships and community! We believe in you – and so does Shonda!

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