Showit Spotlight: Vanessa Hicks

March 11, 2020


jihae watson

Vanessa Hicks is an award-winning photographer based out of Hawaii, though she travels all over the world to capture weddings. She will soon be relocating to San Diego (#militarylife!), but no matter where she physically dwells, her online home is easy to find. And it's a home she created on her own! A photography website – by a photographer! How amazing is that? is an enchanting place, full of the lush beauty of Hawaii, and joyful couples and families. It's clean and fresh, yet romantic and ethereal, much like Vanessa herself. Vanessa is so many things, but she is not a website designer! But, starting with a design by Refinery Original, she was able to create her website to be a true reflection of her business. And all with no coding! Yay for drag and drop!

Vanessa Hicks' website on Showit, the ultimate websites for photographers and creative entrepreneurs

We are thankful to have Vanessa in our community, as she is amazing at her craft! But she is also so generous with her time and talents. Hopefully you will get to meet her in person at a conference that she is speaking at – like United! But whether you have the great fortune of spending a few minutes with her IRL, or not, definitely go check out her photography website to get to know her better!

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Hi! I'm Jihae Watson! I was born in Seoul, grew up in Toronto, Ontario and now live in Gilbert, Arizona. I love all three cities so very much as I have plenty of family, and favorite restaurants in all three locations.

I am married to a stud named Chris, and we have four fantastic kids. Together we love being a foster family, and we presently have the sweetest little foster babe.