How to Stress Less About Your Finances!

February 23, 2021


jihae watson

Keina Newell is a Wealth Coach and she wants to help you to stress less about your finance! You have your business. It's actually doing really well. But maybe you feel like you are still scrambling at the end of the month to pay your bills. Where has all of your hard earned money gone??

In the webinar we hosted with Keina of Wealth Over Now, she dropped so many wisdom bombs so that we can get our finances in tip top shape!

We are in a relationship with our money, whether we are aware of that or not. If you guys went to counseling – what would your money say about your relationship? Have you ever thought about that?? Your money needs your attention!

Stress Less Plan:

  • Establish a financial plan to be more intentional about spending
  • Create a system that builds on the support of your bookkeepers, accountants, and accounting software
  • Use your budget as a tool to prioritize profitability and reach your business goals
  • Having a plan will truly be the main tool you need to stress less about your finances!!!

Keina wants to teach you how to create a spending plan so you can have clarity and confidence with your finances. She even has a free gift for viewers who want to achieve more freedom and flexibility when it comes to managing money. You can download the freebie right here!

Watch this great webinar with Keina! Make sure to grab a paper and pen, cause you will want to take notes! And even pull up your budget (or a blank spreadsheet so you can build one!) so that you can follow along with the plan to stress less about your finances!

More tips and tricks!

We hope you loved this webinar on finances as much as we did! If you love webinars, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel! Check out this wildly popular webinar we did on SEO, or this one on how to focus as a multi-passionate creative! And as a webinar lover, you can check this link to see when our next webinar will be!

How to Stress Less About Your Finances in Your Small Business

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