Finding Success through Determination, Hustle.

December 6, 2021


jihae watson

With Photographer and Educator, Michelle Harris.

Free to Be Me – A Showit Creator Series

Finding success in the creative space is hard to do, as well as hard to define. Because success is as unique as each person who seeks it. And every person is creative, but people discover their creativity in different ways and in different seasons of their lives.

For Michelle Harris, that season was in high school. She grew up drawing, but it was in high school where she felt a draw towards design, particularly, fashion design. As most creatives will tell you, the creative road is hardly the smooth, straight path like the one you might take to the office. It’s more like the windy road you need GPS just to find—and that’s just to get to the bottom.

Path to Success

Michelle did not become a fashion designer, but she did discover photography and soon found herself as one of the most sought-after photographers in her region. That kind of success brings both joy and a few pain points. For Michelle, it was a need for both community and better business resources, which she found in a local group that met once a month “Tuesdays Together,” and it was there that she discovered Showit and built a site for herself that truly reflected her style and personality.

Michelle says that her clients and even friends and family started to take her more seriously once she got a professional website. “When I learned about Showit and the fact that I would literally be able to move whatever I wanted to move wherever I wanted to move it, and… all the different things that I thought were impossible and my mind was blown! When I found it I moved my website over to Showit and really was able to design exactly what I wanted.” Check out her jaw-dropping site to see what a successful photographer and educator's site look like!

Successful Photographer mentor and educator, Michelle Harris

Success for Others is Success for Her

Michelle’s story is like many of ours. She’s finding success in different ways in every season she's in, all while overcoming obstacles along the way. Today she’s a photographer, educator, businesswoman, and mother, who sees her purpose in life to be investing in others. The creative journey is often a long and lonely one. In the beginning, Michelle didn’t have access to mentors or community or resources to accelerate her learning curve, but now being further down the road, she is taking the insight, the tools, and the confidence she’s garnered and is pouring that into another generation of female photographers and businesswomen. She wants them to have more than she had when she started out.

Meaning of Success

When everything is all said and done, the most significant thing to Michelle is her family. And because they have been able to see their mother accomplish what she has, they also believe that they can find success too—in every area of life! That’s what it means to be free.

successful mom and baby boy

Check out this inspirational video of Michelle in her element as a creator, community builder, and mother:

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