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June 6, 2014


jihae watson

Today is our first full brand makeover review! I hope to feature these weekly, so if you have a brand makeover that you want all to see make sure to email me at or I am dying to feature you so please email me! I will send you a link to the questionnaire and we'll be ready to roll!

Today we are visiting with Amy Hedges of A. Hedges Photography. She works in upstate New York and her work is so beautiful! So lovely. So serene.

Who created your first logo and Website? What platform did you use to create your first site?

My VERY first logo was simply a font from Photoshop that I used – my husband drew a design that we attached to it in Illustrator. I used Flash Palette as my website and Blogger as my blog.

Soon after that I had a friend, a graphic designer, design a logo for me. I also began to use Showit for my Website, using a template I purchased from Promise Tangeman. I still continued to use Blogger for my blog and tried my best to match the two, though they never really did!

Finally, I hired Melissa Love to do a complete overhaul re-brand for me. She created a new logo for me and styled a Website to match my style and my personality! I switched to a Prophoto blog on WordPress so my blog and Website are a perfect match!


A. Hedges Old Logo

A. Hedges Old Website

A. Hedges Old Website

How did you come up with your initial branding?

I never really had anything cohesive as far as branding. I worked backwards I think- looking at Website design templates, picking something I liked and trying to make it work. I never felt that anything I did to my Website ever matched me or my photographic style. I could also never find materials that matched, I didn't have design elements to use in fliers, or ads that matched my Website- everything was a hodge podge of random style and design elements.

Why did you decide to re-brand you business?

I decided to re-brand when I realized that I couldn't keep working backwards! I wasn't happy with the feel of my Website and I felt it didn't portray me or my personality. I wanted everything to match from my logo to the packaging materials I used and I knew I couldn't do that on my own!

Did you design your brand yourself or hire a designer? If you decided on a designer, why?

I contacted Melissa Love to help me with my branding, because I was overwhelmed with options. I am not a graphic designer and I tried doing it on my own the first time and wasn't happy with the results.

If you worked with a designer: what was the process to get to your new brand design? Did they send you a questionnaire? Did you design an inspiration board? Did they design an inspiration board with you? Etc?

Melissa was very thorough and extensive. She had me create a few different boards on Pinterest, I answered questions and we Skyped often. She looked at my work, got to know my interests and preferences, down to what colors I was drawn to and how I decorated my home.

Mood board created by Melissa Love.

Mood board created by Melissa Love.

Who is your target market/client?

I am a portrait and wedding photographer. I want clients who value print photography and photography products as an heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. Sentimental people who want to capture milestones and memories. But I also cater to clients who want those polished pieces worthy of being framed and hung on a wall. While I love cute candid shots during a photo session, my goal is to “Shoot for the mantelpiece.”

What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? What separates you from the thousands of other photographers out there? What makes you unique?

I am not a trendy photographer. I don't put babies in buckets or use extensive props. There's nothing wrong with that, but I'd much rather photograph connections between people and their feelings. I've been told there's a soulfulness to my photography and I will always strive to create those images over a trendy, prop heavy image.

What five words describe your new brand?

Natural, romantic, minimalistic, organic, and nostalgic.

What kind of photographer are you? What do you want your clients to think when someone asks about who you are as a photographer?

I am a photographer who makes relationships with my clients in order to give them exactly what they want and deserve. I plan with my clients; whether it's a simple backyard family session or a full day wedding. I want my clients to feel important and to walk away with images that are as beautiful as their lives are.

What did your brand overhaul include?

business cards
gift certificates
product lines (different album options and I started using HHBoogie Boxes)

A. Hedges Photography new logo and marketing materials.

A. Hedges Photography new logo and marketing materials.

A. Hedges new blog.

A. Hedges new blog.

A. Hedges new Website.

A. Hedges new Website.

Are you happy with the result? Why?

Very happy with the results. I feel my new brand fits my photographic style, my personality and my business practices.

What advice would you give other photographers thinking about making over their brand?

It's going to take a lot of digging deep! I was surprised at how personal the whole process was. It made me feel vulnerable and I had to find a line of comfort between showing myself to the world in my branding and staying private and separate. I think it's helped to be open though, my clients appreciate getting to know me- they're trusting me with such an important job- they deserve to be put at ease and get to know me.

I also would add that it takes a lot of time! The entire process for me took about 6 months- I wanted it perfect and I wouldn't settle. At times I thought my designer was going to wring my neck but in the end I was so happy with the result it was worth being a little difficult and picky!


Thanks so much Amy for sharing your new branding with us! I'm sure we can all agree that it fits her style as a photographer and as a person =)

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