How to Make a Custom Link Tree for Instagram

April 21, 2023


Team Showit

Who here uses a boring link tree for their Instagram profile link?

You may not know this, but you can create a fully custom, and branded linktree on Showit!

A link tree is basically a mobile menu that allows you to list different buttons for different places. Most of my full branding wedding vendor clients have Showit sites and I can't believe I am now just realizing how easy it is to create a custom link tree menu for your Instagram profile. Why use a boring standard menu when you can make one in Showit?! And that is fully customized and able to reflect your brand!

Steps to create a custom linktree on Showit:

  1. Create a new page in your Showit site and name it whatever you want. I named mine “Link Tree.” Others have used “IG” for a shorter link.
  2. Next, rename the default canvas to “Instagram” or whatever you want and resize both the mobile and desktop canvas. I'd make the mobile about 1000px high and the desktop to be 700px high and set the canvas height to “window height” for desktop.
  3. Next, add your logo to your canvas by going to your media library and adding it to your page. Scale it and place it appropriately on both desktop and mobile (tablet users use the desktop view.)
  4. Then add whatever buttons you want and link them using “click actions” on the left. Ribbon and Ink Custom Link Page on Showit
  5. I also added a “browse around” text with a simple rectangle.
  6. Get your url to copy and paste into your link tree. To do this make sure the “page” tab is selected on the left. Then look at “page info” on the right and see what the “slug” says. Add that text to the end of your domain with a “/”. So mine is ““. How to use Showit to create a custom link page for your Instagram
  7. Toggle between the desktop and mobile views to make sure your desktop version is set up too as tablet users will see the desktop version and then hit PUBLISH. Create a custom links page for your Instagram profile
  8. Then simply type your link tree url into your instagram profile and you're DONE! You have successfully created a linktree on Showit! Create a custom link page for your Instgram account


This tip on how to create a linktree on Showit was provided by Design Partner Katie Durski of Ribbon & Ink.

Learn more from Katie at the Ribbon & Ink Blog.

New Instagram Update! (2023)

It was recently announced that you can add up to 5 links on your Instagram bio!

We strongly recommend that you choose these 5 links with wisdom, thinking about which links will best convert Instagram scrollers into customers! Maybe one can be your Calendly, so people can easily schedule a time to meet with you. You are definitely going to want a link to your website. No matter which links you choose, make sure the links work, and that it benefits your future customers.



Team Showit